Officers seize sawn shotgun, meth, cocaine in Buckingham traffic jam

Gatineau police said he pulled a man who was driving irregularly onto Highway 50.

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Gatineau police said officers seized drugs and weapons, including a sawn-off 12-gauge shotgun, after pulling a man who was driving erratically into Highway 50 in Buckingham.

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Officers stopped at Lépine Avenue around 7.45pm on Wednesday, Gatineau police said in a press release on Friday. When they spoke to the driver, they allegedly saw a knife and a firearm in the car.

A 25-year-old man was arrested. Police secured the gun, which was unloaded. They seized other items, including a cartridge, a pistol sight, three knives, including one with a retractable blade, pepper spray, a homemade electric pulse weapon, a billhook and a small baseball bat.

Officers also seized 2,000 methamphetamine tablets, nearly 14 grams of “free base” cocaine, 7.8 grams of cocaine, cash and drug trafficking accessories, police said.

The man appeared in court Thursday. He is charged with charges including possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition, unauthorized possession of a prohibited firearm in a motor vehicle, unauthorized possession of prohibited or restricted weapons, carrying a weapon for a dangerous purpose and possession of drugs for the purpose of trade.

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He also received a ticket for a number of traffic offenses, police say.

In a separate incident on September 24, Gatineau police also seized a SKS-type rifle with a high-capacity magazine, a banned device and equipped with a bayonet.

Police searched that morning for an apartment on the Boulevard Sacré-Coeur in the Hull sector after receiving a tip from the public.

A man in his 20s was released with a promise to appear in court, police said, while an investigation continued and a case was to be submitted to prosecutors.

Gatineau police are part of Operation Centaur, a Quebec-wide strategy aimed at weapons-related violence launched on 24 September.

Residents with information on illegal cannons in Gatineau territory were asked to contact the force at 819-243-4636, ext. 2.

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