Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

The People’s Official Plan (POP) – an informal coalition of grassroots organizations – focuses on major pressing and ambitious issues related to climate and social justice for the development of Ottawa’s official plan. This alliance has incessantly opposed the towers and corridors proposed in the city’s revised official plan, approving the construction of a more livable and compact city (ie intensification), public investment that will build a fairer city , and a city embarking on a low-carbon development path.

The careful People’s Official Plan Coalition has worked tirelessly to mobilize hundreds of residents across the city through workshops and campaigns. The movement has been successful in sensitizing masses to recognize the importance of pressure building and in turn influencing decision makers to make changes that will shape the city’s future and its direction towards sustainability. POP outlines the importance of inclusion and commitment among residents with city staff and councilors in creating this important public policy, especially when something with a colossal impact, such as the official draft plan, is on the table.

Click here to read POP’s response to the final official plan

The People’s Af
The official plan is excited to share statements on one page with you that synthesize important improvements that we hope to see in the final version of the official plan before it is approved by the Council. POP responses to the draft official plan are theme centered on viability, housing capital, funding, Greenspace, inclusion and transparency, climate change and food security are cornerstones of the development proposed by POP members. This culminates in two years of basic work from a wide range of community organizations to ensure that the new official plan provides an effective response to both the climate and the housing and homelessness declared by the City of Ottawa.

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