PlayStation Execs Talk expands fanbase

Playstation Execs Talk expands fanbase
Sony Interactive Ent.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s current boss Jim Ryan says he wants PlayStation games to greatly expand its gaming audience – reaching hundreds of millions rather than tens of thousands.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.Biz, he says a hit game on PS4 or PS5 could hit 10-20 million unit sales, but he hopes that will change as games continue to become more ubiquitous:

“I would also like to see a world where the games we make on PlayStation can be enjoyed by many tens of thousands of people. Maybe hundreds of millions of people. Right now success with the current console model, a really good PlayStation hit, you talk ten or twenty million people who can play that game …

I think some of the art that our studios do is some of the finest entertainment that has been made anywhere in the world. And to a kind of gateway to the audience for the wonderful art, wonderful entertainment that our studios make … to close the audience for it at 20 or 30 million frustrates me. I would love to see a world where hundreds of millions of people can enjoy these games. ”

In terms of sales, PlayStation 5 has been a success so far, selling 12.2 million units until the end of September – almost double the total number of 7.46 million units sold from main rival Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S released about the same time.

Recently, former PlayStation boss Shawn Layden told of a move the company has made in recent years in an effort to expand its audience – bringing titles to the PC.

Layden was groundbreaking for the push that led to previous PlayStation AAA exclusives like “Horizon Zero Dawn” and “Days Gone” coming to PC, telling What’s Up PS that the strategy was designed to show PC players what they’re up to miss out on .

That’s why the titles released were three years and two years old, respectively, because it did not involve any risk of cannibalizing sales to PlayStation, and that’s also why you’ll probably never see a PC release on a day and date for a PlayStation. -title:

“The idea of ​​going to the PC – and I never think you’ll ever see PlayStation do a day and date with the PC, but you never say never – but the strategy we developed when I was there was the one we have to to go out to where these new customers are, these new fans could be.

We’re going where they are because they have decided not to go to get to my house, so I have to go to their house now. And what is the best way to go to their house? Why am I not taking one of our best selling games that has already blown up the market.

It has already been out there for 18 months or 24 months, there is no real retail activity against the title, I do not exchange a sale for another, and bring it to the PC platform and let them get an idea – You do not choose to come for PlayStation, but let me show you what you’re missing. It’s a way to seek out, that’s how I see it – to try to reach the people that the platform is not currently talking to. ”

This is in line with comments from PlayStation Studios CEO Hermen Hulst, who told VGC in June that they “are still early in our planning for the PC” and that there will be more titles, but the console release will continue to be the priority for new releases.

The next classic exclusive titles for the leap will be a combined remastered re-release of 2016’s “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” and 2017’s “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”, both of which will first hit PS5 and then PC in early 2022. “Uncharted 4” was one big fight a year in 2016 and scored a 93/100 Metacritic score – the second highest in the franchise behind only “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” with a 96/100.

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