Report: Unvaccinated NBA players who violate Toronto quarantine laws could be charged with criminal charges

Under Canada’s quarantine law, violations can result in up to six months in prison and / or $ 750,000 in fines

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With the NBA season 2021-22 underway, Scotiabank Arena is ready to host players and fans in Toronto after a 19-month hiatus.

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That is, vaccinated players and those who follow Canada’s quarantine law.

In a Twitter post by NBA insider Shams Charania from The Athletic and Stadium, ‘unvaccinated players will only be able to leave the hotel for team activities. Canada’s quarantine law says violations can result in up to six months in prison and / or $ 750,000 in fines. ‘

According to NBA health and safety protocols, regardless of vaccination status, players must pass a PCR test before traveling to Toronto.

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Although over 95% of the league is vaccinated with at least one dose, the NBA does not require its players and staff to do so. This decision provoked mixed reactions among the players.

High-profile point guard Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets is at the forefront of this controversy. His firm refusal to take the vaccine could jeopardize his personal as well as his team’s position in the NBA – Nets is one of only three teams whose players must be vaccinated to play in their home arenas. Irving’s vaccination status could prevent him from playing half of his games due to New York’s vaccination restrictions.

In a statement issued last week, NBA spokesman Mike Bass said that ‘any player who chooses not to comply with local vaccination mandates will not be paid for the matches he misses.’

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