Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

A Chorlton homeowner has been amazed at an act of hidden topiary performed under cover of darkness.

One street in the sought-after suburb is now no longer so green, due to the efforts of a green-fingered secret caller.

Paul Couvela woke up one morning this week to see that the hedge on the front of his property looked a little nicer than usual.

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Upon closer inspection, he discovered his bush and was trimmed by “unknown persons” – and they had also failed to clean up after themselves.

A trail of green cuttings had been left on the sidewalk outside the property in the Longford Road area of ​​Chorlton.

The leaves that were chopped off were scattered on the sidewalk
The aftermath

Paul wrote on Facebook, saying, “My bushes have been mysteriously pruned by one or more unknown people.”

He added: “Who would do this? … If any local is in dire need of a trim, come to me!

“I have a real hedge trimmer and some time on my hands, and will do it for a fiver

“Better than a wandering maniac with a big knife.”

Whether it was just a kind act or a reminder to Paul to keep his garden in check is unclear.

But tongues in Chorlton have been left behind after the act of insidious scissors work.

Homeowners in the no longer so green suburb have already christened the secret caller the ‘phantom bush trimmer’.

Frances O’Rourke wrote on the Facebook group ‘Chorlton M21’ and commented: “Will the real Trim Shady not stand up?”

Other residents were more eager to ‘the phantom bush trimmer’ to help them with their gardening

Ruth Williams commented “Oh, you will do mine if you are reading this please

“You can wear a ski mask and remain anonymous. DM me … thank you

Tariq Ali posted a photo of the Ground Force team and commented: “These three were seen acting suspiciously in the neighborhood

Mark James felt the trimming was positive: “I think it sends out an important message.

“Like making your hedges more and keeping the walkways free”

Do you know any information about the Chorlton Phantom Bush Trimmer?

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