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The artist claims he was in costume when Sarah Everard’s killer, Wayne Couzens, started insulting him at the bar and then suggested he have sex in a dark alley

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Sarah Everard: Wayne Couzens sentenced to life in prison

The corrupt police officer jailed for killing Sarah Everard faces a new probe over a sex assault on a drag queen.

The cross-dressing artist claims he was in costume when Wayne Couzens began insulting him while standing at a bar — then suggested he have sex in a dark alley.

And he claims that the evil father of two even naughty told him he was a police officer when he asked him to stop.

Several allegations about Couzens, 48, have surfaced since he was sentenced last month to life in prison for the entire rape and murder of Sarah, 33.

He is alleged to have taken a prostitute for wedding day because his wife could not cope. And on another occasion, it is alleged that an escort showed up at his police station and demanded cash from him.

The drag queen incident reportedly happened at a pub in Couzens’ hometown of Deal, Kent.

Wayne Couzens is facing a new investigation into drag queen assaults

Three years later, in March, the family used covid powers to mistakenly arrest and handcuff marketing manager Sarah in south London.

He put her in the back of his rented car and drove 80 miles to Kent — where he raped her and strangled her with his police issue belt.

The drag queen did not go to the police until he saw mention of Couzens’ prison sentence, for fear that his allegations would not be taken seriously.

Last night he told the Sunday People: “It left me terrified to go out alone. I recognized Couzens right away when I saw him on TV.

“I told my partner ‘It’s him’. I feel so horrible about what happened to Sarah. ”

Couzens was last month sentenced to life in prison for the entire rape and murder of Sarah, 33



The alleged victim had gone to see a band at the New Inn pub in Deal, which is close to where Couzens lived with his wife, Elena.

He said: “I was wearing a turquoise and silver jersey with pearls that showed my legs and I was wearing the same color feather boa. I was about to be served and this man said to me, ‘Do you have a good night?’. I went ‘Yes, thank you’ and I did not think about it anymore. “

The dragon artist said he was leaning against the bar as Couzens began touching him inappropriately on his back.

He said, “Then he went to my groin and I went, ‘Oi, stop it. My partner is over there. ‘He went’ Do you know who I am? ‘ and I said, ‘Do you know who I am?’

“I told him my drag stage name, and he said, ‘I’m a cop.’ I said to him, ‘I do not give the *** who you are, you do not touch me.’

“After I calmed down a bit, he said, ‘Will you go around my back where it’s dark and give me a bl ** job and we can do things?’ I said to him, ‘I told you, p *** off.’ “

The alleged victim claims that Couzens suggested he have sex in a dark alley


Matt Bristow |

The man said he took his drink to the table and told his partner what had happened.

He continued, “I wanted to go to the bathroom, so I said to my partner, ‘Will you be with me if he’s still at the bar?’

“We went through the bar to the toilet and he was gone. I’m only small, even in my heels. I’m much smaller than him.

“He was tall and had short truncated ginger hair and a short beard when I saw him. He was in blue pants and a white T-shirt. It’s lucky I didn ‘t go outside. Can you imagine if I went down that alley? My partner has said to me, ‘You could have been stuck in the alley and left somewhere else.’

“I have not told any of my friends about it – I am embarrassed. When I go out now, I stay close to my partner, I do not hike. I’m not going to the bar alone now. ”

CCTV by Couzens speaks to Sarah



The alleged victim made a formal statement last Tuesday named Couzens, who served with Kent Police from 2005 to 2009 and joined the Civil Nuclear Constabulary in 2011, then the London Metropolitan Force in 2018.

The Independent Office of Police Conduct is investigating three incidents to determine if Couzens could have been arrested before his behavior escalated.

A checkup when he joined the Met could not indicate that his car had been linked to an alleged indecent exposure incident in Kent in 2015.

Police were told a man had been seen driving naked from the waist down – but no action was taken.

There were also reports that Couzens indecently exposed himself twice in a McDonald’s parking lot in Swanley, Kent, a few days before the kidnapping of Sarah.

The Met said the crime was “allocated for investigation” but not completed when Sarah was killed.

It added that it would “re-evaluate our approach to indecent exposure”.

Sarah’s mother Susan from York said last month:

“Our lives will never be the same. We were supposed to be a family of five, but now we’re four. Her death leaves a gaping gap in our lives that cannot be filled. ”

Couzens is also accused of showing a prostitute for a wedding day with Met colleagues at a hotel who allegedly called her his “bit brass” who was with him because his “wife can’t handle it”.

A guest who saw Couzens on the toilets said, “He laughed at it and said to me, ‘You know how it is, sometimes you have to pay for it.’ He always said weird things about sex. He gave me creeps. ”

On another occasion, it is alleged that an escort showed up at Couzens’ station. She demanded money and he went shamefully with her to a box.

And an ex-partner who fled Couzens when he was in his 20s said he boasted of taking cocaine and ecstasy, wanted daily sex and kept handcuffs in a bed by the bed.

Last night, a spokesman for Met said: “We can confirm that Met has received a crime report from Kent Police in connection with an allegation of sexual assault at a pub in Deal in the summer of 2018. Detectives are assessing the information and investigation is underway.”

The spokesman declined to say how many other complaints against Couzen’s force are being investigated.

He added: “At present we have not identified anything that is of the same severity as the crimes for which he has been convicted.”


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