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Pictured here are big Aussie cricket big Shane Warne and Victorian Premier Dan Andrews.

Shane Warne has targeted the Victorian quarantine situation under Prime Minister Dan Andrews. Image: Getty

Shane Warne has taken a brutal push against quarantine restrictions in Victoria after announcing plans to return home for the Australian cricket summer.

King of Spin to fly back from his London base in preparation for the ashes, following confirmation from England that the series would continue under “several critical conditions”.

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Warne, however, has aimed at what he describes as the “inhuman” quarantine restrictions imposed on Victorians.

“Can I do home quarantine in Victoria now that I’m double vaccinated, or is it still the inhuman 14 day hotel quarantine in a tiny little room that all returning residents have had to do?” The test tweeted to its legion of followers.

Victoria is demanding that citizens returning to the state undergo a 14-day quarantine period at a hotel at their own expense, with no plans at present to roll out a home quarantine like the one being tested in New South Wales.

When 80 percent of Victorians over the age of 16 are double-vaccinated, the state is set to revise these restrictions for international travelers.

Victoria is also set to revise its intergovernmental travel policy when the double-wax number hits 70 percent, but recent figures showed that nearly 60 percent of those aged 16 and over have had their two jabs across the state.

Victorian Prime Minister Dan Andrews is pictured here during a media briefing.

Victoria’s Prime Minister Dan Andrews has dealt with the state’s huge increase in Covid – 19 cases. Image: Getty

Although Warne may have hoped he could be quarantined at home after returning from London, the Victorian government does not grant exemptions due to being double-vaccinated.

Warne’s criticism comes as the frightening Delta eruption continues to devastate Victoria, with yet another huge increase in cases resulting in record highs for state and country.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health announced a further 1965 locally acquired Covid-19 cases and five more deaths.

The total of the case is the largest daily increase in any state since the pandemic began.

England’s cricket board has dealt with similar concerns as Warnes, having just given the Ashes tour of Australia the green light under a number of conditions.

England approves ash under ‘conditions’

Reports surfaced earlier this week that England’s players had agreed to join the $ 200 million series, despite concerns over lockdown and quarantine conditions in Australia.

These concerns have raised serious questions about whether the iconic series – set to launch on December 8 in Brisbane – will continue.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) issued a statement on Friday to put any doubts to bed, but stressed that there is still a need to agree on a number of important measures.

“In recent weeks, we have made excellent progress in advancing on the England Men’s Ashes Tour,” the ECB said in a statement on Friday.

“To facilitate further progress and make it possible to select a squad, the ECB’s Board has met today and given its approval for the tour to continue.

“This decision is subject to several critical conditions that are met before we travel.

“We look forward to the ongoing assistance from Cricket Australia in resolving these issues in the coming days.”

Seen here, the Joe Root and Tim Paine Ashes trophy hold together.

England have stressed that several conditions must be met for the upcoming Ashes series to continue as planned. Image: Getty

The ECB statement did not elaborate on what the “critical conditions” were, but the biggest sticking point for England seems to have been whether the team’s family members could join them in Australia during the festive period.

Reports have suggested that they could use a Gold Coast resort in Queensland for quarantine before the first test, while their families arriving for Christmas could be accommodated at a resort in the Yarra Valley before the Boxing Day test in Melbourne.

The green light for the trip has only come after lengthy negotiations between the two countries – even at the highest level.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson even raised the issue with Scott Morrison last month, while the Australian Prime Minister also contacted Captain Paine during the trip.

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