SpaceX astronaut says she was ill for the first 2 days of Inspiration4’s mission and thought the spaceflight was not long enough, according to a report

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Inspiration4 crew members scream joy flowing weightlessly inside the plane

Dr. Sian Proctor, far right, told National Geographic that she felt sick during the first part of her mission. Inspiration4 / John Kraus

  • Dr. Sian Proctor, a SpaceX astronaut, told National Geographic that she felt sick for two days in space.

  • Proctor also said that SpaceX’s three-day mission around Earth was not long enough.

  • She said her head was “slightly stuffy” the other day, National Geographic reported.

A SpaceX astronaut who attended the company’s Inspiration4 mission a month ago said she was ill for the first two days in space, National Geographic reported Friday.

Dr. Sian Proctor, one of the four crew members aboard SpaceX’s first civilian mission, told National Geographic she began to feel uncomfortable the first day.

“Space sickness is one of the things that many people suffer from,” Proctor said in the interview. “You just are not in your game.”

Astronauts may experience motion sickness when in space because of the weightlessness they feel without gravity.

Proctor told National Geographic she was feeling better the other day, but her head was “a little stuffy.”

“But man, I woke up the third day and I was humming and everything was perfect,” Proctor told the publication. “I had adapted, I was good, and I wanted to, ‘What? I have to get home ?! No no no!'”

The Inspiration4 mission was launched on September 16 and sent four civilian astronauts into orbit for three days aboard SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft.

“I wanted to go further. Three days was not enough, ”the geoscientist and science communications specialist told National Geographic.

“I ideally think a five-day mission in the Dragon capsule with the dome would be perfect,” Proctor added.

The dome is a glass dome roof located at the nose of the Crew Dragon spacecraft that astronauts looked out to see Earth from space. Proctor told National Geographic that this was “the best feature of our spaceflight.”

The toilet, which malfunctioned in the middle of the flight, was also located in the dome. Proctor said in the interview that it was “a waste fan problem” that crew members quickly got solved. “I think it was made into an event that was bigger than it actually was,” she added.

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