Tue. May 17th, 2022

SpaceX’s fleet of manned ships and cargo ships is growing. It shows information from Sarah Walker, director of the Dragon Ship Management Division at the company. According to her, astronauts from the Crew-3 mission will travel to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard a new Crew Dragon spacecraft, and the company is also working on the production of a fourth version of the capsule, which is expected to carry an initial flight in the next year.

  • Ship Crew Dragon has shown great performance on the ISS after almost 1024 days
  • SpaceX successfully launches Crew Dragon for NASA for the first time
  • NASA gives green light to test SpaceX with Crew Dragon ship in March

Walker celebrated the new vehicles and highlighted how these spacecraft support the manned space manifesto in SpaceX. “We have another on the production line right now that should be ready by spring to support more manned space missions,” he explained. With the new capsules, the company gets a total of four of them to perform manned flights.

The Crew Dragon capsule, called “Resilience”, in a SpaceX hangar (Image: Playback / SpaceX)

This amount should be enough to support the growing interest in manned missions that both NASA and private customers are contracted to. One of the new capsules will soon fly with the Crew-3 mission, which is scheduled to be launched on the day in October with a Falcon 9 rocket.

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Already the fourth new Crew Dragon will be used for the Crew-4 mission scheduled for release in April 2022. The capsules are recyclable, and according to information from SpaceX, each of them is certified to perform at least five flights to Earth orbit.

Finally, Walker brought news about the cargo ships, which are also from the Dragon family. According to her, the company is building a new vehicle to be used on a flight to the ISS next year. With that, SpaceX will have a fleet consisting of three cargo ships, which are also reusable.

Source: Spaceflight Now

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