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The Canberra Center’s Taste Local Festival brings boutique dining experiences right to your doorstep in May.

Most people do not associate the large and shiny setting of an upscale shopping mall with a chance to get into agricultural or tailor-made food production with primary producers.

But over the next month, the Canberra Center presents one Taste Local Festival, which provides a range of local producers with a platform to engage with the city.

Canberra Center general manager Gary Stewart said the festival was an important service for local producers suffering in the wake of COVID, as well as an opportunity to enrich the shopping experience at the Canberra Center for the locals.

“2020 was a tough year for every business and more for small producers. After the year that has passed, the Taste Local Festival offers the platform for these companies to engage with their audience in our unique set-up, ”said Gary.

“Manufacturers have told us that direct contact with the public has been tougher since the pandemic. With many events, markets and the hospitality industry generally affected by restrictions, local producers have had a hard time. ”

As a result, there was a huge amount of enthusiasm when the Canberra Center offered the opportunity to present local food and beverages and taste and greet with producers in a beautiful custom-built showroom on the ground floor next to RM Williams.

“Local producers have responded very positively to our concept and we are excited to bring this first edition to life,” Gary said.

“We have all been preparing for this month’s long festival for the last few months and are very happy with the various workshops and experiences that are available. We wanted to offer Canberra’s unique experiences with a mix of workshops, tasting adventures, master classes and live music right here in the heart of Canberra’s CBD. ”

So what can shoppers expect?

A delicious, interactive, practical experience where local producers will be able to showcase their products during the various workshops and master classes. They get the opportunity to explain how they best taste their products, pair them and talk about the history of their company.

Their products will also be available for the public to purchase after each workshop. Producers include Gallagher Wines and Tallagandra Hills Winery, which will pair their local wines with cheese.

Gallagher Wines will present their own specialty cheeses they have been producing at the winery since 2009. Canberra Distillery will run a Spirits Masterclass, while Underground Spirits Canberra will offer a Mixology Cocktail Masterclass.

Not to forget performing artists who have suffered from a lack of opportunities to entertain during COVID, the Canberra Center allows three of them, Ally Cowell, Monica Moore and Ashley Feraude, to perform live in their pop-up bar every Friday. evening so customers can have fun.

They have also partnered with some of their retailers such as Haigh’s, Gewürzhaus and Betty’s Burgers to also show them their products. Customers get a taste of Gewürzhaus mulled wine freshly prepared for them, perfect for the Canberra winters.

Haigh’s award-winning chocolate will be on display during Lake George Winery’s workshops, and Betty’s Burgers treats will accompany Underground Spirit’s mixology masterclass.

For more information on the month-long Taste Local Festival, go to the website.

Photography: Ben Calvert Photography

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