Tue. May 17th, 2022

Temple subway station‘s gray concrete roof terrace has been given a kaleidoscopic makeover by London-based artist Lakwena Maciver.

Entitled ‘Back in the Air: A Meditation on Higher Ground’, Maciver’s roof installation on the roof features a series of elongated geometric patterns inspired by her Ugandan heritage. A block of brilliant colors contains the unifying message: ‘Nothing can separate us’.

In addition to following the multicolored lines of Maciver’s artwork, visitors can check out a brightly painted replica of one of London’s famous cabmen shelters on the roof. The overall effect that you can see below is a bit fascinating.

They say that the Garden of Eden was the first temple – the story goes that we were thrown out of the garden and ever since we have longed to find back,said Maciver. ‘This idea of ​​a subconscious longing for paradise stands in stark contrast to the heavily colonized, concrete environment that now surrounds Temple Station. Yet this is what has become the driving force behind this public intervention.

Artist Lakwena Maciver reveals her expansive, immersive floor painting titled - Back in the Air: A Meditation on Higher Ground

‘Back in the Air’ is the first installation in The Artist’s Garden – a partnership with Westminster City Council and part of its Inside Out festival and WestminsterReveals Campaign – and will be shown until April 30, 2022 It is commissioned along with 180 studios and is supported by Vigo Gallery, WSP, Northbank BID and Transport for London.

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