The best-selling thriller writer Linwood Barclay thinks Pet Sematary is Stephen King’s scary book

Had a lovely half hour chat with Toronto writer Linwood Barclay yesterday prior to his virtual appearances at the Whistler Writers Festival on October 16th and the Vancouver Writers Festival on the 23rd and 24th.

When I knew he was pretty fond of Stephen King — who has written cover blurbs for Barclay’s books and acknowledged that he’s a big fan of the Canuck writer — I asked him which King book he thought was the best of the horror master.

I told him my first choice would probably be The dead zone, followed closely by The stand.

“I weigh a little Expensive cemetery, “he replied,” because I think that book is the scary one, and I think it’s the one that really makes you live where you live.

“You know as a parent if you’ve had children and you read that book, it hits really well on a very gut level. I do not know if it’s my favorite among his books or not, but I certainly think it’s the scary one. . “

Stephen King (far left) poses with Linwood Barclay (second from right), Barclay’s wife Neetha and King’s son Owen.
Linwood Barclay on Twitter

Barclay had reread a few royal books on the pandemic, including Christine, Expensive cemetery, and The stand, but says it’s hard for him to pick an all-time favorite because “there are so many of them that are so groundbreaking.”

For much more about Linwood Barclay read my play story about him next week Georgia Straight.

Read it on paper for the old school Expensive cemetery atmosphere.



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