The Chinese embassy says Tony Abbott’s comments during a visit to Taiwan are ‘despicable’

The Chinese embassy in Australia has branded former Prime Minister Tony Abbott a “pitiful” politician after criticizing Chinese pressure on Taiwan during a visit to the island.

Abbott visited Taiwan, as China claims, in a personal capacity this week, met with President Tsai Ing-wen and said at a security forum that China could strike out with its slowdown in the economy and finances “squeaky”.

His visit caused ripples in the federal government. A cabinet minister questioned whether the emergence was necessary amid heightened tensions with China.

The former prime minister aimed at China’s expanding control over Hong Kong, its treatment of Uighurs and the country’s troubled trade relations with Australia.

“It has intensified cyber espionage against its own citizens, annulled popular personalities in favor of a cult of the Red Emperor, brutalized Indian soldiers in the Himalayas, forced other plaintiffs into its eastern seas and flown increasingly intimidating sorties against Taiwan,” Abbott said in a statement. regional conference in Taipei on Friday.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott sits behind a microphone while waiting to speak in a meeting with the Taiwanese president.
Tony Abbott stressed the need for solidarity with Taiwan.(

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“It is arms trade – especially against Australia – with our barley, wine and coal exports stopped on false grounds,” he added.

“And its embassy has published 14 demands, mainly that we become a run-up state that no self-respecting country could accept.

The trigger for all this was politely seeking an impartial inquiry into the origins of [corona]virus.”

He called for solidarity with Taiwan and stressed the importance of ensuring the island’s self-determination.

“Our challenge is to try to ensure that the unthinkable remains improbable and that the possible does not become the probable.”

The Chinese Embassy in Canberra reacted with contempt.

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Tony Abbott used his keynote address at the Yushan Forum to warn of the dangers of China’s moves toward Taiwan.

Xi Jinping wants peaceful ‘reunification’ with Taiwan

Abbott’s visit came after China conducted a four-day mass airstrike in Taiwan’s October 1 air defense identification zone.

Some experts believe that the record sorting could have been a strength program in the period between China’s National Day and Taiwan’s National Day or a response to the latest AUKUS announcement.

On Saturday, Chinese President Xi Jinping promised to realize peaceful “reunification” with Taiwan “in accordance with the overriding interest of the Chinese nation, including Taiwan’s compatriots.”

Taiwan responded by urging Beijing to allow the people of Taiwan to determine their own future.

Australia, like most countries, has no official diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but has joined its ally the United States to express concern over Chinese pressure, particularly military.

Taiwan says it is an independent country and will defend itself if China attacks.

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