Thu. May 19th, 2022

City updates vaccine policy to make COVID inoculation a condition of employment

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Toronto employees who refuse the COVID vaccine lose their jobs.

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This update of the city’s vaccination policy was confirmed on Wednesday when municipal officials revealed the consequences that non-vaccinated employees will have.

From 1 November, staff unable to prove receipt of two COVID-19 vaccination shots will receive a six-month unpaid suspension from work.

If they still have not provided evidence of vaccination by December 13, the city will consider that municipal employees intentionally do not comply with the policy and have their employment terminated for a reason.

Those who submit proof of their first dose by October 15th have until November 15th to get their second shot.

By October 5, 89% of the more than 37,000 employees who have disclosed their vaccination status to management have completely grown, according to the city.

It added that 5% of declared employees have only one shot, while 2% have chosen not to disclose their vaccination status.

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In August, the city announced plans to make inoculation against COVID-19 mandatory for all city employees, but until Wednesday, it would not confirm whether rejecting the plug would be a firing offense.

According to the policy, vaccination is mandatory for all new employees.

The city has promised to comply with human rights obligations and meet them with legitimate medical exceptions.

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