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SAN FERNANDO (CBSLA) – Friday is the first full day of the vaccination mandate in Los Angeles County, where customers must show evidence of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test at select businesses, such as outdoor venues, bars, wineries and breweries.

While the San Fernando Brewing Company closed before midnight Thursday night, the company is ready to check customers’ vaccine status before they are allowed to be inside today.

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“I feel a little spotty, in fact, is probably the best way to say it,” said Vic Chouchanian, owner of the San Fernando Brewing Company.

As a brewery that does not serve food, his business falls under the county’s new vaccination mandate, and while Chouchanian said he is pro-vaccine, he is concerned that the new rules will harm the business.

“As we see our companions in the restaurant industry and other industries being able to open and continue to serve their patrons without worry, we feel that we follow the same rules and have the same risks, and scientifically there is no data to show “We’re more dangerous than a restaurant or anywhere. We just feel like we’re the black sheep of society,” Chouchanian said.

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With nearly 80% of eligible LA County residents receiving at least one dose of the vaccine, Chouchanian is concerned that he will see a 20% drop in business due to the mandate.

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“You can feel it with their voices, especially when they call and ask about the mandate and we tell them we’re checking and they say,‘ Oh, okay. Thank you, ‘and you can see they are not coming,’ ‘he said.

According to the county’s order, customers here who have not been vaccinated or do not have evidence of a negative COVID test can still sit outdoors. They can go indoors just to order or use the toilet.

San Fernando Brewing Company customer Marco Torres said he supports the mandate.

“I always learned as a child that I should not let my freedom affect the freedom of others. We are more important than me, ”he said, adding that he also feels more confident going out now that the new rules are in place.

“I have access to many people in my family, young children and the elderly, and I want to make sure I can hug them and kiss them. And if people come around me, I want to make sure they have done their part, ”Torres said.

Chouchanian, who said he had previously been targeted at anti-masks, is not worried that he will have to deal with anti-vaxxers as well. He said he has had to hire more staff to enforce the mandate.

Restaurants, malls, and salons will also have vaccine requirements for customers under LA’s mandate, which takes effect in November.

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