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While Britain enjoys tropical conditions in early October, cold weather is on the way with Met Office senior meteorologist Greg Dewhurst predicting when snow will come

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Weather in the UK: Weather that is subject to change is forecast for the second half of the week

The British have enjoyed “tropical conditions” in early October with an Indian summer bringing temperatures above 20C, but a cold blast is on the way and snow is forecast before the end of the month.

After rain and floods, this week has brought warm weather, allowing people to sit out in the sun, but snow clouds are not too far away.

Met Meteorologist chief meteorologist Greg Dewhurst says higher terrain in northern England and northern Wales could see snowfall as well as mountains in Scotland, LancsLive reported.

Greg said there will likely be “some snowfall in higher areas when October moves into November”.

However, it is unlikely that low-lying areas will experience snowfall.

Met Meteorologist chief meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said higher terrain in northern England and northern Wales could see snowfall


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He said: “Probably areas that will be affected are the Scottish mountains as well as higher terrain in the north of England and northern Wales. It is unlikely that low areas will see anyone. It is quite normal for this time of year.”

It comes as publications say a white Halloween is now feared, with odds reduced by bookmakers.

A cold blast is around the corner with snow coming on the way to the Met Office


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“We’re getting better out of all the warm temperatures because the end of October looks like it’s going to be a big freeze, so much so that we’re getting it to snow this month in the UK,” Coral’s Harry Aitkenhead said.

“We’re making it a 2-1 chance for this winter to go into the record books as the coldest Britain has ever had.”

Last week, a blanket of snow hit Scotland’s highest peak with about 2cm falling on Ben Nevis.

A white Halloween is now a reasonable option with odds reduced


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Before the cold snap arrives on the subway, met-linguist Clare Nasir said the country has “unusually mild” weather this week.

“The air throughout the UK has been mixed with tropical conditions, and that means it’s unusually mild when we go in on Friday, and if you catch any sunshine, you feel very warm during Friday afternoon,” she said.

“During the day we will see some sunshine for Wales, the Midlands, eventually northern parts of England and the West Country, always more rain to the South East. Then this area continues with rain, but it is mainly light rain, drizzle to the south of the highlands.

“To the north, we see some brighter skies, but the reason we continue to see that rain warning for the western highlands and Argyle is that another rain pulse will later push up from the southwest.

“Always a breeze in the north, but the most important thing about the weather, as I said, is the temperatures of 18C to 21C all afternoon, even where you see the cloud.”

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Rain continues in the northwest but tends to lighten, and clearance from Northern Ireland. Elsewhere, fog and low clouds are slowly clearing up to allow some warm sunshine for many, even though it remains cloudy in the southeast.


Rain moving over parts of Northern Ireland and north-west Scotland, at times heavy. The south and south east of England are getting cooler with fog spots. Otherwise mostly cloudy with patches of light rain.


Fog lifts over southern and central England to leave warm sunshine. Cloudy elsewhere with rain in the far north-west moving over Scotland and into the north of England as it eases.

Expectations for Sunday to Tuesday:

Mostly dry Sunday after uneven rain clearing to the south, some windy showers in the north. Rain for the northwest Monday, but dry for most into the beginning of next week.

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