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The award trophy was broken during the Penrith Panthers' celebration of their big last win.

While it’s not unheard of to break the NRL Premier League trophy during the festivities, the NRL is reportedly unhappy after images surfaced of the Panthers’ jokes with the shattered piece of league history. Photos: Getty Images / Instagram

The NRL demands an explanation from the Penrith Panthers after photos of the destroyed NRL trophy were circulated on social media this week.

Pictures surfaced on social media of Penrith players with the broken Provan-Summons trophy, with the sculpture of the two men away from the base.

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NRL chief Andrew Abdo is reportedly furious at the situation Daily Telegraph suggesting that league leaders are unhappy with the ‘disrespect’ with which the trophy has been treated.

In one of the pictures, the similarities with Norm Provan and Arthur Summons can be seen in what appears to be a pram with the caption “googoo gaga” in the picture.

The trophy, which is being damaged in the middle of the big last festivities, is not unheard of, but it was the pictures and the general ruthless treatment of the trophy that are believed to have the league’s heavyweights off the side.

The photos, which were allegedly posted on Instagram by the partner of one of the players, also showed the detached statue in a child’s shoulder strap with the caption ‘dad duty’.

An NRL spokesman has confirmed to the AAP that the league has asked the Panthers for an explanation.

It is also possible that the club may be sanctioned, as well as be charged for any repair fees for the trophy.

The trophy can cost the Panthers up to $ 30,000 to repair.

Once repaired, the trophy returns to the NRL headquarters as the premier-winning team is given the opportunity to purchase a replica trophy to be displayed at the club.

It has been an eventful week of parties for the Panthers, with a few moments breaking through online to cause controversy.

Tyrone May deletes controversial Instagram post after setback

Panthers player Tyrone May was criticized by fans for an Instagram post in which he referred to its criminal conviction from last year.

May was charged with four counts of intentionally taking an intimate picture without consent, as he pleaded guilty in January 2020, after missing the previous season under the NRL’s no fault ‘stand-down policy.

He was given three years of good behavior and was ordered to complete 300 hours of community service, and May returned to the Panthers fold shortly after.

The 25-year-old has since stayed out of trouble, but a series of posts made amid Penrith’s premiere parties have left some NRL fans frustrated.

May accompanied a photo of himself arriving in court with coach Ivan Cleary with lyrics from Canadian rapper Drake’s song ‘Fair Trade’.

It's been an eventful week of celebration for the Penrith Panthers after they won the NRL Premier League team last weekend.  (Photo by Bradley Kanaris / Getty Images)

It’s been an eventful week of celebration for the Penrith Panthers after they won the NRL premiere last weekend. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris / Getty Images)

The tool’s choice of texts left many people with the impression that he felt he had been wronged, as opposed to being responsible for filming someone without their consent.

“And dirt that they threw at my name / became earth, and I grew out of it / time for you all to figure out what you all have to do about it,” the text read.

Many NRL fans were disappointed with the post, which interpreted it as proof that May felt he was the one who had been wronged in the situation.

Can delete the post shortly after.

Many other NRL players appeared in the comments to the now deleted post with Panthers center Stephen Crichton writing “They hate, but then they copy everyone”.

Like Nathan Cleary, Brian To’o and Viliame Kikau were among several other high-profile NRL players to also send support messages.

In addition to the criminal charges against him, May was also legally prosecuted for injuries from one of the victims over the ‘mental injury’ stemming from the illegal sex bond.

Both parties ruled out of court earlier this year.

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