Wed. May 18th, 2022

Three men caught in a deadly nightclub brawl that cost the life of former Canberra Comanchero boss Pitasoni Ulavalu will not spend more time in jail.

Maximilian Budack, 26, Matthew Kupu, 24, and Osaiasi Kupu, 23, were today convicted of their part in the fight, after pleading guilty in ACT Magistrates Court.

The fight broke out inside Kokomo’s nightclub in Canberra’s CBD last July, resulting in Ulavalus’ death.

Frederick Tuifua, 26, has pleaded guilty to murdering Ulavalu and stabbed another bikie in the leg during the fight, but has yet to be convicted.

Today, the court saw CCTV footage of the fight that continued from a previous match and spread to two areas of the club.

Protectors can be seen hiding in the kitchen and other areas of the bar as the fight spread with tables and chairs sent flying.

Prosecutor Luke Crocker told the court it should take into account that the violence was in a very public and busy place with a license.

None of the three will spend more time behind bars

Pitasoni Ulavalu wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket.
Comanchero Canberra commander Pitasoni Ulavalu dies after being stabbed by Frederick Tuifua(

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The court heard Matthew Kupu hit one of the victims 19 times and trampled on him during the fight.

While the court heard his brother, Osaiasi Kupu, had held another man down while he was being attacked.

AJ Karim, who represented all three men, told the court that the crimes were very serious.

But he said the fight was spontaneous rather than deliberate.

Both Kupu brothers appeared in court at video link from Sydney, where they have been bailed.

Judge James Lawton sentenced Matthew Kupu to eight months in prison, but suspended the sentence from today, taking into account the more than three months he had spent in custody.

Osiasi Kupu was sentenced to six months in prison, but that sentence was also suspended.

Both have had good behavior.

Budack’s case was complicated after he pleaded guilty to assaulting a man in prison.

He was sentenced to six months for affray and six months for assault in prison.

He will be free tonight after spending more than 13 months in jail.

Budack was shot days after Ulavalus’ death and was arrested for his role in the fight from his hospital bed.

No one has been arrested for shooting Budack, but the court acknowledged it was extracurricular punishment.


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