Thu. May 19th, 2022

A Tower of London resident has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a gruesome experience she had in her castle residence.

The iconic London landmark with its gruesome centuries of history has long been the subject of various inexplicable and ghostly stories.

Sure enough, current resident Megan Clawson had experienced a paranormal activity in her home before – but never quite to the extent she did this week.

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When she went to TikTok yesterday to share her story, Megan began: “I live inside the Tower of London, and something I’m constantly asked – have you seen any ghosts?”

Megan paused to work, then continued: “And until last night I could say that I have heard the odd footsteps …

“I’ve had that weird cold feeling …

“And my dog ​​has barked too thin air.”

Does that sound scary already?

It’s getting really creepy …

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Megan continued: “But last night I struggled to get to sleep, which is still quite strange for me.

“Because as soon as my head hits that pillow, I’m out like a candle.”

“So I just listened to the click on my plug-in radiator,” Megan said, adding, “because I live in the wall of a castle, so it’s bloody to freeze.”

Faster as if she was unsure of how to describe what happened next, she slowly moved on: “And … yes.

“I hear this squeak … so I have this dog toy in my room with a little squeak at the end.”

“And every hour or so, I just wanted to hear one … a squeak.

“And that would stop.”

But earlier Megan mentioned that she had a dog, right?

So it’s not so strange that her dog would have played with his toy at night, right?


Because then Megan added the kicker: “And that would have been just fine …

“Had my dog ​​not been 150 kilometers away.

“At my mother’s house.”

If this caused a tremor to run down your spine, you are not alone.

Megan honestly added, “So yes. Please pray for me.”

What’s more, she added the horrible caption: “Also, my neighbor next door says he feels the ghost of a dog curling up at the end of his bed … so often … “

Does anyone else think they should both get the heck out of there ASAP?

You can watch the original TikTok video here.

Follow Megan on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter @meganambxr.


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