Tue. May 17th, 2022

A June application filed for the City of Toronto seeks official plan and zoning by law changes to bring a mixed use to 1500 St Clair West with 15- and 17-story condominium towers. Proposed by the Alterra Group of Companies and District Developments team, the plan would replace a site currently home to restaurant and industrial uses that extends from the northwest corner of St Clair Avenue West and Caledonia Road.

Website for the proposed development, image via submission to the city of Toronto

The plan is designed by Sweeny & Co Architects with flowing continuous lines and requires a pair of Y-shaped buildings that would face each other on either side of a raised courtyard. The taller 17-story building would rise at the southern end of the site, with the 15-story component planned on the northern part of the site. A two-storey podium would unite the buildings and be topped by a landscaped terrace.

Aerial view seen northwest over 1500 St Clair West, image via submission to the city of Toronto

A total gross area (GFA) of approximately 47,514 m² will comprise 46,224 m² of living space, which accounts for 98% of the total GFA, of which the remaining 1,290 m² will be retail space on the land. The plan aims to introduce a significant building density to the block in the form of 753 condominiums, proposed in a mix of 564 one-bedroom, 114 two-bedroom and 75 three-bedroom.

Parking for the complex is proposed on three levels, one of them underground plus two hidden from the street on the podium levels. A total of 332 parking spaces are proposed across both buildings, planned in a mix of 243 for long-term residents and 89 short-term spaces for visitors.

1500 St Clair West, image via submission to the city of Toronto

A public design from Land Art Design Landscape Architects Inc includes plans to build a publicly accessible piazza along the site’s St. Clair Avenue West facade. To the west, a publicly accessible paved pedestrian / bicycle path is planned, which runs parallel to the rail corridor. The path would connect St Clair Avenue West to Lambert Avenue just north of the site, and eventually a much longer path that runs through this area of ​​the city. The besidfe path would be a derailment retaining wall with a 2.5 meter earth berm.

You can learn more from our database file for the project linked below. If you wish, you can join the conversation in the associated Project Forum thread or leave a comment in the space on this page.

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