Tue. May 17th, 2022

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter came to Sykkuno’s rescue after the US sensation received backlash from society over his alleged earnings amid Twitch’s data breaches.

Sykkuno has been a trend on Twitter ever since the leak. However, a good friend and YouTube sensation Valkyrae came to his defense during one of her recent streams.

Here is what she had to say on the subject:

“I just want to say that if you really hate Sykkuno right now for the water bill, it’s on you, okay? Isn’t it obvious that he trolled? He trolled. There are actually people, he’s in trend right now, and people actually think he’s bad bait. ”

She hit on viewers who hated him because of a popular meme in the community. The meme comes from a childhood story where a leak caused the water bill to rise to an exorbitant amount, causing Sykkuno to joke with streaming to try to pay it off.

Guy’s sykkuno called me terribly crying and threw up and asked me to give him money, otherwise he is homeless and will not be able to feed his 57 children, but wait, it is not possible, because girls do not exist –

guys I have a confession Sykkuno actually forced me to submit to him and give him money to live .. I thought he was homeless who hardly lived from day to day .. now I feel so betrayed; /

sykkuno really can not win this lmao, he gets shit for being a smart user and not squirting on things, but if he were to spend his money more freely, I know people would lure him to be careless and bend over people

can anyone find the clip of sykkuno that tells the story where the water bill joke comes from so these ppl stfu ? it is literally a story about his water bill that cost thousands of dollars for example of a leak when he was a child

One thing I confirmed because of the leaks at jerk payouts. @Sykkuno Water bills are insanely expensive. Hope you were able to pay last month without any problems sykkuno. ?#ryk #rykleaks

I can not believe that the first controversy sykkuno has is because he was frugal with his money

Yall got annoyed, so here’s a clip of Sykkuno talking about the water bill, streaming for fun and “it’s more than a few in a week” memes + talking about how he used to not have much money before + said he is going fine now. https://t.co/d8MSKYqDde

Do you know what grinds my gears? Hate stereotypes Sykkuno’s community as “young gullible oilers spending their compensation money on sadge farming” ?I am a software device of 20-something that does not keep me or anyone like me from supporting my streamers pls

imagine behaving like a sykkuno, is not an advocate of good spending habits and had repeatedly said that showing up to his power is the best way to support the power. if people chose to sub, then they did it bcs they liked his content and could afford to pay for it.

Do you remember when I mentioned on my stream that it’s weird that people ask how much money Sykkuno makes because they want to spend it against him and be angry at the way he spends his own money?

In addition, Sykkuno told about his earnings during one of his latest streams and revealed how he earns “ten times less money” than he was at the top of his Among Us streams.

The leak suggests that Sykkuno will earn around $ 113,896 in September 2021, which does not take into account the accumulated revenue across other sources.

Several streamers have come forward to reveal how the leaked information is not accurate. Nevertheless, the leak is causing chaos in society.

Valkyrae urges streamers to leave Twitch for YouTube

The last few months have been full of turmoil for the Amazon-owned platform. The latest data breach may be the last straw for streamers as their personal information, including passwords, earnings and other sensitive details, was leaked.

Last month, there was also witnessed a mass exodus where several streamers switched to YouTube Gaming. Twitch also reviewed the #ADayoffTwitch movement, where streamers took a day off the platform to fight hadrazzias.

In the midst of all this drama, Valkyrae revealed how YouTube Gaming wants to sign more streamers. She also revealed how the platform has a lot of room to grow and is a safe place for streamers.

Before ending her stream, Valkyrae reiterated how she does not mind the platform, but the recent leaks and controversies are a matter of great concern and how a switch to YouTube sounds like a good alternative.


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