Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant is listed as one of the ‘coolest neighborhoods in the world’ – BC News

Coolest neighborhood

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The Vancouver neighborhood of Mount Pleasant has been listed as one of the “coolest neighborhoods in the world.”

Although Mount Pleasant was not one of Vancouver’s cheapest neighborhoods, it was called Vancouver’s least hated neighborhood by an online poll over the summer.

And now the travel publication Time Out has included Mount Pleasant in its international coolest neighborhood ranking.

Mount Pleasant was ranked number 40 out of 49 listed neighborhoods.

Informed by 27,000 city dwellers, the location took into account “cool stuff, but also friendly stuff, forward-thinking stuff.”

Mount Pleasant came just behind Central Square in Cambridge, Mass., But in front of the picturesque neighborhood of Jamestown in Accra, Ghana.

Are you looking for the absolute coolest neighborhood in the world? You will have to go to Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

Time Out writes about Mount Pleasant’s historic brewery boom and its current craft beer scene.

“It’s easy to hit half a dozen tasting rooms in one afternoon on foot,” writes Time Out. “The otherwise indescribable industrial and office buildings in this ever-evolving area are adorned with multi-storey murals, while its classic brick warehouses and storefronts are home to large veteran shops, galleries and artist studios.”

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