Thu. May 19th, 2022

Following their victory over RED Canids, Peace planner Tam├ís ‘Vizicsacsi’ Kiss issued a warning to their next opponent – Cloud9 from LCS.

PEACE held a resurgence of the RED Canids in their first play-ins knockout match to put a best-of-five series away from the Worlds 2021 group game. Standing in the way is the LCS giants Cloud9.

After the match against the RED Canids, PEACE’s Vizicsacsi spoke to Dexerto, warning the North American team not to underestimate underdogs from Oceania.

Vizicsacsi plays at Worlds 2021
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PEACE two plans Vizicsacsi has warned C9 against underestimating the Australian team

PEACE gaze disturbed versus Cloud9

“They should not underestimate us,” Vizicsacsi told Dexerto, “I can give credit to all my teammates because they have all done very well here at Worlds.

“We are a strong team, especially in the early stages of the match and I think we have a chance to snowball against C9 if we can find the early advantage”.

The bold statement from the Australian wildcard team does not come without precedent. Cloud9 collapsed on day three of the play-ins on October 7, losing back-to-back matches to Unicorns of Love and DetonatioN FocusMe.

Cloud9 after day 3 of worlds 2021
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C9 was left behind by a terrible day at Worlds 2021 on October 7th

The losses meant that Cloud9 was denied automatic qualification for worlds and had to attempt qualification through the play-ins knockout phase. While the Internet enjoys the ‘classic NA’ memes, the crash has raised questions about Cloud9’s capability on Rift.

Vizicsacsi was also confident in its analysis of how PEACE could overcome Cloud9.

“It’s coming down to the draft and lane phase,” Vizicsacsi explained, “We still have some secret choices we can reveal in the draft, and if we can find the early advantage, I think we can beat them.”

Historical race for PEACE

Group shot by FRED
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PEACE continued their historic run with a 3-2 over RED Canids

If PEACE can find the rebellion against Cloud9, it would be a historic achievement for the team and the Oceania region as a whole.

No team from Oceania has ever reached the Worlds group stage. Now PEACE, with a stand-in two-tier no less, is a series away from making history.

But if they want to make history, they have to kill the American giant that is Cloud9. DJ Esports sets odds at 1,057 for a Cloud9 win and 9,601 for a Peace Disruption.

Odds on C9 against PEACE

At the end of his interview with Dexerto, Vizicsacsi took a moment to thank fans in English, Hungarian and German.

“All the support we have received means a lot to me and to the team,” he concluded.

Wind or loss on Saturday, PEACE has certainly made Oceania proud.

Cloud9 v PEACE begins at. 17.00 BST (12.00 ET / 9am PT) on Saturday 9 October.

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