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Bradley Knapp, 27, was named Britain’s ‘most wanted’ after the incident at The Clipper pub in Dartford High Street, Kent in October 2019 (Image:

A driver who triggered an international chase by running after plowing a car into a crowd outside a pub has finally been jailed.

Bradley Knapp, 27, was named Britain’s ‘most wanted’ after the incident at The Clipper pub in Dartford High Street, Kent on 11 October 2019.

Within hours of Kent Police naming him as a suspect, he fled the country under a false name, but it was more than a year before he was caught.

Authorities found him living in Tenerife, where he had gotten a job, formed a stable relationship and became a father.

After being arrested on a European order, he was extradited back to Britain in October last year.

During his June trial at Maidstone Crown Court, Kent, he admitted to intentionally injuring and distorting justice, but was cleared of the more serious offense of attempted murder.

On Tuesday, October 5, he was sentenced to seven years in prison with two more years added to any time spent on license.

Bradley Knapp

Knapp gave evidence at his trial and told the jury: ‘I was in a panic. I tried to start the car and did not think ‘(Image: Kent Police)

The prosecution had alleged that Knapp, who only had a provisional driving license and was on police bail for an unrelated dangerous driving relationship in October 2019, had been driving in a ‘murderous state of mind’.

The court heard how Knapp drove a Ford Fiesta through some bollards before speeding on the high street and steering sharply towards the crowd outside the pub.

A few minutes before he got into the car, Knapp had been thrown out of the pub for fighting with another man.

Although the majority of people were able to jump out of the way of the car, two were not.

Callum Walpole was flipped several meters in the air and was thrown over a parked car.

Clipper Pub in Dartford High Street, Kent Image: Google Maps

Knapp maneuvered a Fiesta through bollards with the passenger door open before speeding on a pedestrian lane in the High Street and steering sharply towards the crowd outside the Clipper pub (Photo: Alex Hickson)

He later told police that when he landed and opened his eyes, he was ‘shocked that I was not dead’.

Another man, Gary Sayer, was hit to the ground with multiple injuries when his leg was cut off the front of the Fiesta.

Prosecutor Simon Taylor QC told the court that Knapp’s driving was ‘aggressive, deliberate and murderous’ and that he was clearly using the car as ‘a deadly weapon’.

But Knapp, who had not had more than five driving hours and has ADHD, was cleared of attempted murder after he told the court that even if he deliberately drove into the crowd, he would not kill anyone.

A driver who ran on the run after plowing his car into a crowd outside a pub in revenge has been jailed for seven years.  The fugitive Bradley Knapp triggered an international chase after being named one of Britain's most wanted 'after the incident at The Clipper pub in Dartford High Street in October 2019. He fled within hours of being identified as a suspect by Kent Police in a media appeal, but it was almost a year before the 27-year-old was tracked to Tenerife, where he had worked, formed a stable relationship and created a child.  He was arrested on a European order and eventually extradited back to Britain in October last year.

During cross-examination, Knapp said it was ‘completely unclear’ when the Fiesta hit Walpole and he could not remember if he had hit his brakes. (Image: Kent Live / BPM Media)

He admitted that he knew he would hurt someone, but said it was’ a scary tactic ‘and maintained:’ I would not take a person’s life. I would not spend the rest of my life in prison. ‘

Knapp, who was banned from driving for four years and three months, also admitted a separate offense of dangerous driving committed in August 2019.

He had taken cocaine and was driving a stolen car on fake plates when he led police on a mile-long chase in Swanscombe, Kent.

When he sent Knapp to jail, Mr Justice Cavanagh described him as ‘impulsive, aggressive, prone to losing control and striking out with great violence.’

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