Weed company sells THC ‘beverage booster’ kit in New York

Smoking up may be a thing of the past for New Yorkers who can now sip their marijuana instead of smoking it.

A new “beverage enhancer” from the cannabis mega-corp Curaleaf offers users a delicious, five milligram liquid dose of THC for only $ 35 per serving. Plastic bottle.

There are 30 servings of “Select Squeeze” per. Bottle offering a “more social, less anxious high” than other marijuana products, said Jessie Kater, senior vice president of innovation and R&D at Curaleaf.

Holders of medical marijuana in New York have a new way of buzzing thanks to Cannabis mega-corp Curaleaf.
Curaleaf’s new product “Select Squeeze” is now available in New York.

Because THC is formulated so that absorption begins in the user’s mouth, users can feel its effects in about 15 minutes, the company says.

So far, only Curaleaf’s watermelon flavor is for sale in New York, where only short-term medical marijuana patients can legally buy it. Three other varieties — lemon lime, hint of sweetness, and strawberry lemonade — are offered at recreational markets in other states.

The New York board, which will regulate medical marijuana – including by licensing recreational traders – still has four vacancies.

A marijuana plant.
Users can feel its effects in about 15 minutes.
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