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If you want to build a balanced portfolio, owning a few ASX 200 shares can be a smart move.

But which ASX 200 shares should you buy? Two that may be in the purchase zone are listed below:

The first ASX 200 stock for investors to consider is Coles. It is one of the two major supermarket operators in the ANZ market. In addition to this, it has a number of complementary companies, e.g. Grocery stores, flybuys loyalty program and Liquorland.

Because of the strength of these companies and their positive long-term outlook, Coles has been tipped as an ASX stock to buy. This is especially the case for income investors due to its attractive interest rate and favorable dividend policy.

Morgans is positive about the company and anticipates generous dividend payments in the coming years. Its analysts expect dividends per. Shares of 61 cents in fiscal year 2022 and 62 cents in fiscal year 2022. Based on the current Coles share price of $ 17.03, this will mean fully franked interest rates of 3.6% and 3.65% respectively over the next two years .

Morgans has an additional rating and a price target of $ 19.80 on its shares.

Another ASX 200 stock to look at is ResMed. It is one of the world’s leading sleep treatment focused companies in the field of medical devices.

ResMed has grown its revenue and earnings at a very strong rate over the last decade. This has been supported by its industry-leading products, growing software business, growing awareness of sleep disorders and its investment in research and development (R&D).

Good enough, the company’s growth prospects remain very positive. This is thanks to its huge addressable market and the shift to home health. The latter is supported by its comprehensive out-of-hospital software platforms that allow people to stay healthy at home or care options of their choice.

Another positive is that one of its biggest rivals is currently struggling with a major recall of products. This is expected to give ResMed the opportunity to gain market share this year.

The team at Credit Suisse is very positive about the company. The broker currently has an outperform rating and price target of $ 44.00 on its shares.

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