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Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

A DRAGON sobbed “no one loves me” and “dad wants to throw me out the window” before being murdered his father and stepmother, heard a court.

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, six, suffered “not to survive brain damage” after being abused by Thomas Hughes, 29, and Emma Tustin, 32, it is alleged.

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes suffered an 'insurmountable brain injury on June 17, 2020
Arthur Labinjo-Hughes suffered an ‘insurmountable brain injury on June 17, 2020
Girlfriend Emma Tustin has also been charged with death
Girlfriend Emma Tustin has also been charged with death

The tragic young man was subjected to a campaign “designed to terrorize” with abuse inflicted on him described in court as “medical definition of child torture”.

Arthur was allegedly poisoned with salt and prevented from having food and drink.

He was also “separated and isolated” for “up to 14 hours a day” and deprived of a bed and clothes, Coventry Crown Court heard.

Jurors today heard a sound clip today of Arthur sobbing as he said, “I want to go to the nanny.”

The young man can be heard crying in another recording for his uncle Blake and saying, “Blake no one loves me, Blake no one loves me”.

He also cried in a clip, Tustin sent Hughes, where he says, “Dad will throw me out the window, Dad will throw me out the window, Dad will throw me out the window.”

In another clip found on Tustin’s phone that was played for jurors, one can hear Arthur say “no one wants to feed me today”.

Text messages between Hughes and Tustin, who both deny killing, were also read to jurors describing their alleged abuse.

One from the father said, “I take care of him when I’m home and it’s not going to be pretty. Get to sleep before I get him in.”

Another was sent to Tustin after Hughes received an audio clip of Arthur crying at her, reading, “I’ll just finish him off when I’m back then.”

In a message, Hughes threatens to “take the jaw off his shoulders” and compares him to “f *** ing Hitler” in another.

Jurors heard how Arthur was found on June 16 last year Arthur did not respond at home in Solihull.

He died at the hospital the next day with an autopsy that gave a cause of death as a “head trauma inflicted on him by an adult” in accordance with being “severely shaken and his head repeatedly pounded against a hard surface”.

Doctors found that he too had been “poisoned with salt” and had suffered extensive bruising over his fragile body, it was said.


The court was told that Tustin recorded more than 22 photos and videos of Arthur in distress.

She allegedly carried out the fatal assault and picked up her phone immediately after to photograph the boy while he was lying dying in the hallway.

Prosecutors said that despite having her phone, she took 12 minutes to call 999 and told doctors Arthur “fell and knocked on his head and while he was on the floor he knocked on his head five more times”.

She and Hughes are charged with multiple counts of child abuse, after forcing Arthur to endure “systematic, cruel behavior” for “physical and psychological” abuse in the weeks before his death.

The court heard how a witness claimed that Arthur was “too weak” to even hold a glass of water to his mouth.

They also said that his “clothes looked dirty, his lips cracked, he could barely open his mouth to speak, his hair was dirty, his nails were dirty, and he looked malnourished, skinny and worn out.”

Prosecutor Jonas Hankin QC said: “Both defendants participated in a campaign against cruelty aimed at causing Arthur significant harm and suffering.

“Violence and intimidation, both physical and verbal, were routine.

“Arthur’s visible injuries, his miserable physical condition, and apparent despair gave each defendant a daily reminder of how long the other would go to cause him harm.”


Jurors heard yesterday how Arthur’s death came three months after his father moved into Tustin’s home.

Before the move, the young man was “loved by all” and lived a “stable” life with his father and extended family in an annex in the garden of Arthur’s grandparents.

He had been placed in the care of his father after his mother Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, 26, was jailed for 18 years for stabbing her boyfriend to death.

In April 2020, it came to children’s social services and police were alerted by his grandmother to concerns about Arthur’s care.

The family had seen bruises on Arthur’s back, and he said Tustin had “called him an ugly, awful abrupt” and pushed him into the stairs first.

After child services saw Arthur on April 17, “no concerns were raised” and while photos of the bruises were sent to police, no further action was taken, it was said.

Tustin has admitted child abuse by treating Arthur on several occasions by “forcing him to stand, isolating him in the family home and physically or verbally intimidating him”.

Hughes denies a similar charge.

The couple also denies murder and an allegation of child abuse by filing salt to Arthur between June 1 and 17 last year.

Both are jointly charged with two cases of child abuse in the case of assault several times and also by withholding food and / or drink.

The trial continues.

Post mortem tests revealed that Arthur died of a head injury
Post mortem tests revealed that Arthur died of a head injury
Studies show that Arthur had 'extensive bruising all over his body'


Studies show that Arthur had ‘extensive bruising all over his body’Credit: Facebook
He died three months after moving to Tustin's home


He died three months after moving to Tustin’s homeCredit: BPM

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