Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

A snowstorm in October brought more than a foot of snow to the Utah Mountains the same morning that a 50-mile race began there. Officials had to cancel DC Peaks 50 and rescue 87 runners due to bad weather, CBS Salt Lake City-affiliated KUTV-TV reported.

The race started at East Mountain Wilderness Park in Kaysville at. 5 Saturday. The route was “designed to take you along trails with the best views in the area,” organizers said before ending at Tunnel Springs Park in North Salt Lake. The average elevation of the route was 6,604 feet.

But by 9:30 a.m., 12 to 18 inches of snow had fallen, and racers were experiencing near white-out conditions. Search and rescue teams responded with snowmobiles and 4x4s and helped 87 runners. Officials suspended the race at the top of Farmington Canyon, which was about 30 miles from the starting line, KUTV reported.



All runners have since been accounted for. Some were treated at the bottom of the mountain for hypothermia — most runners were wearing just running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt — and released, officials told KUTV.

“Just a kind reminder to be aware of the weather conditions before heading out to enjoy the great outdoors,” Davis County Sheriff’s Office officials wrote on Facebook Saturday.

Sheriff Kelly Sparks repeated the warning.

“Venturing out on the mountains, trails and bodies of water at this time of year can be dangerous because the weather is changing rapidly and conditions can quickly become life-threatening,” he said according to KUTV. “Even a mild rain in the valley can translate to blizzard conditions at higher altitudes.”


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