Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Keeping your floors clean can sometimes seem like an endless task. Dust accumulation, spills, pets and people can quickly turn a freshly mopped floor into a disaster again. Because of this, it seems to have a broom, mop and vacuum cleaner nearby as the only solution. But now you can relieve all these chores for a much easier system with the AIRROBO T10 +.

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The AIRROBO T10 + is an LDS laser navigation and automated vacuuming vacuum cleaner. Combining the latest robotic vacuum cleaner technologies with a new self-charging dock that acts as a dirt collection station, the T10 + is a full resolution cleaning bot. Sweep and dry your floors with smart voice controls, or set cleaning schedules at the most convenient time.

The vacuum is laser-navigated, giving you the most accurate and holistic SLAM mapping. 23 sets of sensors, including a ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensor give you 360-degree obstacle detection and avoid collision. Your robotic vacuum cleaner can detect areas with carpet and increase the suction power for a deeper cleaning.

A 5200 mAh battery powers the Nidec brushless motor. With a powerful suction power of 2700 pa and four adjustable power modes, you can use your T10 + to vacuum any surface in your home. Use the adhesive mop pads to clean wood or tile floors. The 2-in-1 water tank is removable and can be easily filled in a sink.

App-controlled and Smart Home features

The AIRROBO T10 + is compatible with the Tuya Mart app. Once paired with the app, you have access to all the comprehensive features that make your vacuum behave the way you want it to. The app is simple to configure and the robot will do all the work when it comes to creating a map of your house.

Once you have downloaded the Tuya app, you can configure the T10 + with your WiFi network. Using this app, you can also integrate your vacuum with your Google Home or Alexa smart home system. You can use voice commands to clean specific rooms in your house, schedule full cleaning, or set IFTTT routines.

After the initial scan of your house, the vacuum will do its best to detect and separate each room. If adjustments need to be made, you can split, merge, or change room boundaries. This process takes less than a minute and is effortless when using the Tuya App interface.

Once your rooms are set up correctly, find areas that you will need to set up a no-go zone. You can place this anywhere you leave your shoes or have charging cables lying around.

Disposal of self-charging dirt

The automatic waste disposal system makes the T10 + more independent than ever. AIRROBO has combined its charging station with a secondary vacuum that looks like a small trash can. When your robot has finished cleaning, it docks at the charging station. Then suck a powerful vacuum with collected dirt out of the T10 + and into a vacuum bag. This process takes about five seconds to complete once anchored.

The T10 + contains three vacuum bags for your dirt collector. If you run out, you can buy more online. It is easy to change the bag. The lid opens like a trash can, giving you access to the bag inside. Just slide the fastener into place and you’re done.

The best full-resolution vacuum cleaner / mop

With the dual vacuum / mop capabilities, the self-charging dirt collection station and the smart hope app integration, the AIRROBO T10 + is the best robotic vacuum cleaner available right now. With this vacuum you can automate your floor cleaning and let it run for several months without your help. You only need to change the bag when it is full and change accessories for mopping when you want to dry. Coming home to clean floors every single day is a great way to save time and remove a large portion of your cleaning checklist.

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