Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is ranked number five for the Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix after officials did not take further steps after qualifying.

The alpine driver was summoned after the 60-minute session amid allegations that he did not respect double-waving yellow flags.

After the hearing, it was decided that no further action was needed.

“It was clear that the driver met the requirement to reduce the speed significantly after the double yellow flags were displayed and therefore complied with the provisions of Art. 2.5.5.b) in the FIA ​​International Sporting Code, ”the managers remarked.

“Nevertheless, Note 7.1 in the Race Director’s Event Notes requires drivers not to set a meaningful lap time in a double yellow flag situation.

“Taking into account that the situation with the yellow flag arose at the time when the pilot started his first hourly lap in the session, noting that the driver was completely convinced that he did not have a meaningful lap time when his next flying lap was about 3.5 seconds faster than when the yellow flag situation arose, the stewards are satisfied that the driver complied with the relevant regulations and did not take any further action. “

Alonso qualified as the sixth fastest, but line up as fifth after Lewis Hamilton drops to 11th after an engine change.

It provides the Alpine driver’s best starting point since driving for Ferrari in 2014.

“It felt good today and I’m happy with the result,” said the Spaniard.

“The car felt fast and I think we have made the right choice on which tires we should use in all the sessions.

“We were also fast enough to qualify for the medium-sized tires in the second quarter, which was a nice luxury to have.

“We seem competitive, so I think we have a good chance to score points tomorrow.

“I think the strategy will be key as we saw that tire grain was quite high in dry conditions.

“We look at the weather forecast and take it step by step.”

Rain is expected on Sunday morning in Istanbul, with conditions easing throughout the day.

The Turkish Grand Prix starts at 23:00 AEDT tonight.

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