Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Are you the “green-text-guy” who ruins iMessage group chats with your Android smartphone?

Google has offered to help Apple create a solution to the problem that almost all iPhone or Android users have experienced: Group messages cannot be sent across competing devices.

Google Senior Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer has indirectly called Apple to the subject with a tongue-in-cheek tweet inviting the iPhone creator to join Android using more advanced messaging protocols.

It came after teammates of professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau legendarily called him a “pain in the butt” for being the only player on the U.S. Ryder Cup team without an iPhone.

Lockheimer responded in a tweet about solidarity, saying there was a “really clear solution” to the issue.

“Group chats do not have to break this way,” Mr Lockheimer said wrote.

“Here’s an open invitation to the people who can do this right: we’re here to help.”

Basically, Google wants to make its more advanced messaging system, Rich Communication Services (RCS), the new standard protocol across all mobile platforms, and replace the decade-old Short Message Service (SMS) still used by Apple.

Where Apple is correcting group texts

Apple has no plans to help connect iPhone and Android users in the messaging sphere.

The company’s iMessage protocol, although outdated in terms of the extensive work Google has done to migrate its user base to RCS, has only needed a few upgrades since the introduction of the standard SMS.

SMS has improved significantly since the limits of 160 characters and alphanumeric text days, but the advent of smartphones required a more advanced form of messaging.

And so Google developed RCS as a replacement for the older universal standard.

The messaging protocol offers faster text messaging and multimedia sharing and has a character limit of up to 8000 words.

SMS messages are technically still limited to 160 characters, but modern mobile phones and networks overcome this by using ‘linked SMS’.

Android Apple group texts
Apple’s “ecology” and exclusive technology products give iMessage the upper hand. Photo: Getty

Why Apple is responsible for the group text party

If you’ve ever owned an Android, you might understand the extent of Apple’s control over group chat.

Like DeChambeau, you probably got the blame for being the odd one, as the term “green bubble” became a common bit among friends with Android phones.

The fact is that Android users – rather than Apple users – are the ones who are considered to be “destroying” group texts, which only underlines the power that the tech giant has in the sphere.

It told the independent digital ethics Dr. John Lenarcic The New Daily Apple’s messaging system was another way the company made its products exclusive.

He said the incompatibility between Android and iPhone group texts was unlikely to change despite Apple using older technology and despite the fact that the situation was counterproductive for everyday users.

“This green text is another aspect of the Apple ecology that (Steve) Jobs always talked about – you do not use a thing, a device, a system in Apple, you become part of this ecology,” said Dr. Lenarcic.

“It’s exclusivity. It’s more like Android does not have it, so people might want to look over the fence and say, ‘maybe I should have it, maybe it’s better’, because other people use it. “

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