Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Sir Keir Starmer insisted he was ‘very focused north’ when he visited Kellogg’s factory in Trafford.

During a tour of one of the region’s largest food production sites, the Labor Party leader said it was ‘very important’ for him to talk to people in Greater Manchester and the North West.

It happens when he undertook to topple the ‘chaos’ around issues of lack of supplies, fuel and truck drivers – which Sir Keir said had let companies ‘pick up the pieces’.

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Speaking outside Kellogg’s Factory in Trafford Park, he said Manchester Evening News his focus for the north of England was to create ‘well-paid’ jobs ‘close to where people live’.

“I get beaten over the Northwest every time I come that people love the Northwest, of course they do – but too many young people say, ‘I have to move from where I live to get the job I want.’ .

The Labor leader says he is ‘very focused’ on the north

“We can have no more.”

Starmer added that he wanted to provide working families with cheap and safe places to live.

“Safety in a sense that people feel they can go out at night without antisocial behavior and feel threatened,” he said.

“What we offer is what I think is the backbone of working families who care most, and I say that as someone who came from a working family and what we talked about around the kitchen table.”

The Labor leader also nodded to Andy Burnham’s bold £ 1bn transport plan. Pound a year, where he called on the government to raise money to set up a London-style ticketing system on trams, buses and bicycles in the city from 2024.

“What Andy Burnham will do with transport is perfectly fine,” Sir Keir said Manchester Evening News.

“I fully support him in that, and my message to the government will be that you must listen and you must act on this.

“Having decent, cheap and reliable means of transportation to get to work especially in and around Greater Manchester and the North West is particularly important – so many people trust it.

Supervisor Sir Keir Starmer during a visit to Kellogg’s factory in Trafford

“As Andy Burnham will tell you, it’s been done in some cities, but it’s not done in Greater Manchester, and it needs to be done twice as fast.”

Speaking about the state of the GMP after the force was put into special measures last year, Starmer blamed highlighted flaws attributed solely to the Tories.

“The main responsibility lies with the government because the government sets the budgets, and one thing that has happened over the last 10 years is that the best part of 10,000 police officers has been taken across the country,” he said.

“It has an impact. Go to any workplace in the Northwest, and if they think there is a link between fewer police officers and crime, they say yes.”

He slammed the current government for cuts in the criminal justice system and raised concerns about the growing backlog of cases going through the country’s crown courts.

“This Tory party can no longer call itself the party of law and order, they are the party of disorder,” said Sir Keir.

His visit to Greater Manchester on Friday (October 8) comes just two days after the Universal Credit raise was withdrawn – potentially potentially throwing 800,000 more people into poverty.

Starmer accused Boris Johnson of ‘turning on the poorest’

Speaking of BBC breakfast earlier today, he accused Boris Johnson of ‘turning on the poorest’ when the £ 20 a week increase was introduced to support people during the pandemic was withdrawn.

He supported calls from Manchester United star Marcus Rashford, who said the government’s cut meant ‘millions of families across the UK lost a lifeline’ when he received his honor at the University of Manchester.

Starmer said Labor planned to scrap Universal Credit, but added that if he were in power, he would keep the £ 20 lift in place until the system could be revised.

“What we would do in the long run is actually replace universal credit because one of the problems with the system we have at the moment is that it is trapping people in poverty,” he said.

“It would be. We would not make the cut. We would then replace it with something better.”

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