Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

A vaccination card event drew a small crowd outside Vancouver City Hall Monday afternoon.

Monday was the first day BC vaccine cards went into effect, meaning all 12-year-olds and older must show their cards to access non-essential businesses and services.

The group that organized the event, Canadian Frontline Nurses, had originally listed the place as Vancouver General Hospital. Two days earlier, a post on their Facebook page said the event would instead be a “quiet wake” at City Hall.

Click to play video: 'Group against COVID-19 vaccine card assembled at BC Supreme Court'

Group against COVID-19 vaccine cards gather at BC Supreme Court

Group against COVID-19 vaccine cards gather at BC Supreme Court-13. September 2021

Participants were asked to bring a flower and a note to represent a person “affected by COVID-19 measures.”

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This is the second event this group has planned, after the first outside Vancouver Hospital, with about 5,000 people at its peak.

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COVID-19 anti-wax protests causing ‘moral harm’ to hospital workers

Click to play video: 'Counter-reaction and anger after anti-vaccine protesters target BC hospitals'

Counter-reaction and anger after anti-vaccine protesters targeted BC hospitals

Counter-reaction and anger after anti-vaccine protesters targeted BC hospitals-2. September 2021

Meanwhile, experts are raising concerns about “moral harm” among health professionals suddenly targeting the vaccine cards.

The military term describes the situation of soldiers who experience an extreme violation of their moral values, but Elizabeth Peter, a nursing professor at the University of Toronto, told The Canadian press it is suitable for exhausted health professionals who are trying to save lives on the back of protesters who are against scientifically proven COVID-19 vaccines.

Doctors from BC President Dr. Matthew Chow told Global News that September 1 was a very difficult day for healthcare professionals — the first convention outside of Vancouver Hospital.

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“There is distress – a feeling that this was just over the pale in terms of the nature of the protests and where they happened,” he said.

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‘It’s despicable’: Reaction pours in after protesters target BC hospitals over ‘health freedom’

Workers inside the hospital said they could hear crowds singing “lock her in” referring to the province’s health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.

“People were spit on, cursed, yelled at, women had misogynistic comments directed at those who were yelled at people through megaphones,” Chow said. “It just reinforces the feeling of fatigue and burnout people have had.”

Click to play video: 'Dr.  Bonnie Henry hears crowds sing 'lock her in' at an anti-vaccine pass assembly '

Dr. Bonnie Henry heard the crowds sing ‘lock her in’ at an anti-vaccine passport assembly

Dr. Bonnie Henry heard crowds singing ‘lock her in’ at anti-vaccine passport assembly-2. September 2021

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