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As many fans may know, October 10th is the birthday of Naruto Uzumaki, the unpredictable knucklehead ninja from Konoha. The child, who was going through a shocking childhood, eventually fulfilled his “Ninja Way” and became Hokage.

Over the years, things have been pretty tough for Naruto. But this beloved blonde ninja did not let it get to him and pushed towards his dream of becoming the greatest Hokage ever.

[Spoilers Ahead]

5 of Naruto’s greatest achievements over the years

Much has changed for this ninja over the years, so here is a list of five achievements of the Seventh Hokage, as a tribute to Naruto on his birthday.

5) To be the key to Gaara’s redemption

When he became Kazekage, Gaara would be someone people in his village trusted instead of a threatening presence. The only person who held his hand and made him walk away from the path to become a monster is Naruto.

When Gaara spoke to the Allied Shinobi Army, his words came from the realization and dream of peace that Naruto implanted in him.

4) Naruto saw the good in Pain’s heart, even though he literally wiped out Konoha

Changing Pain’s heart was perhaps the biggest achievement of Naruto’s “Talk no Jutsu”. His confrontation with Nagato was beyond what anyone had imagined, and it was really touching when Konan said she passed on Nagato’s will and vision of world peace to Naruto.

3) Builds the gap between tail animals and humans

One of the most iconic developments of Naruto shippuden, the boy who watched with hatred from all over the village felt what Tailed Beasts had felt for ages.

As a result, he was the first human ever to make an effort to befriend the Tailed Beasts, and the first to understand that they are more than just devastating misfortunes. Now that Kurama is no more, fans are reminded of this achievement more than ever.

2) He finally brought Sasuke home

Although Naruto has achieved accomplishments that are impressive on a global scale, bringing Sasuke back will always be a personal highlight of his life. He finally got through to his stubborn friend, and even though it took losing an arm, he was finally able to bring his best friend back to Konoha.

1) Naruto became a Hokage and secured world peace

Although the day itself proved disastrous for Naruto, he finally achieved his dream of becoming Hokage and eventually securing world peace and trust among the great nations.

It’s definitely something when the child, as fans then grow up from being a naughty child, fulfills his dreams one by one.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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