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Best Of Londonist: October 10, 2021

Your weekly Londonist closing.

The Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival is back. Photo: Lloyd Winters

Mark Guy Fawkes Night with a bang.

A woman reads Brixton botanical maps
Brixton botanical maps provide an enlightening read

Botany and the British Empire are inextricably linked.

Evolution, Southall offers luxurious dining and kitchen areas, spacious bedrooms and plenty of outdoor areas. All very fancy – and also possible for first time buyers.

Consider a move to Southall. (sponsor)

A map showing the many sights of central London.  The background is orange.

Is there a peculiar bollard, bench or telephone box near you?

Photo: Epping Ongar Railway

Most festive train ever.

26 Cambridge Grove was home to Ellen and William Craft, who, among other things, helped organize the Ladies’ London Emancipation Society.

A modest mid-Victorian house now has a blue poster commemorating two of its remarkable former occupants.

People skating on an ice rink in the dark, with skyscrapers in the background, lit by lights in the windows
Skating in the shadow of skyscrapers at Ice Rink Canary Wharf

Put on your skates.

Take this simple quiz for personal tips. (sponsor)

Amazing what such a candy paint will do

Beats the former benches and trash cans.

Harry Potter wands arrive in Leicester Square on Wednesday

Celebrating 20 years (!) Since the movie release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

A roundabout with medium-sized trees, only one of the trees is actually a dystopian sculpture of branched traffic lights.  Argghhh.  Race!
The gray car has been stuck at this intersection since March.

A round of roundabouts, each with a lump of charm (to be admired on foot … not while driving past).

Experience the best in river rentals at this launch event. (sponsor)

The next half year just got a little easier.

scala cinema front
Scala Cinema is the subject of a new documentary that is currently crowdfunding.

Tales from the legendary (and legendary infamous) Scala Cinema.

A day of children’s activities at the Southbank Center

Family-friendly events during a half-period week.

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