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Affordable housing, sustainability loans and utilities are among the most important measures put in place to impact households in the coming year, the ACT’s budget for 2021-22 has revealed. A one-time discount of $ 50 is offered to recipients of utilities in 2021-22, in addition to the one-time increase of $ 200 announced in September. The government will also make a permanent increase of $ 50 to the supply concession and take it to $ 750 per year. Household in the coming years. This means that 31,000 Canberra households will benefit from an increased concession payment of a total of $ 1,000 in 2021-22. Retirees will also experience a permanent increase of $ 50 to the general rates for discounts to $ 750 from this fiscal year. Average house prices rose 3.75 percent in the ACT in 2021-22, as reported by The Canberra Times earlier this year. It was an expected increase and is part of the third phase of the ACT government’s major tax reforms. Homeowners in Turner are facing the largest rate hikes for homes, with a 9.4 percent increase taking the average rates for 2021-22 to $ 3095 per share. Household. Prices for homes in Red Hill rose 9.1 percent to $ 7,306, followed by Yarralumla by 7.8 percent to $ 70,54 and O’Malley, where rates rose 7.4 percent to $ 5,732. For units, the biggest increase was seen in Forrest, where rates rise by 11 percent to $ 3095 per. Household. Prices for units in Deakin increase by 10.9 percent to $ 2545, followed by Ainslie by 10.8 percent to an average of $ 3363 and Curtin by 10.2 percent to $ 2241. Off-plan units worth $ 500,000 or less are permanently renewed. IN COVID NEWS: ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr said addressing housing available across the territory is a key focus. “The problem here is that there is a majority of homeowners in the community, so more people own property than do not. I have not yet met a voter who says they want the value of their property to fall,” he said. “So in the absence of policies that reduce the value of housing to existing property owners, the way to address affordable housing is to increase the supply of cheaper housing, there are new products coming on the market, and that is what a program to land release is about, that’s what urban renewal and filling is all about. “What I could expect, however, is that our stamp duty reduction program will continue to focus very strongly on the lower half of the housing market to provide more assistance. for those who want to enter the market for the first time. “The ACT Government’s budget for 2021-22 is touted as one of its largest in terms of affordable and public housing spending, with $ 80 million to be spent over the next four years on repairs and maintenance plus close to $ 20 million over four As announced in late September, the commitments include $ 720,000 over four years to launch expressions of interest for building-to-house schemes to identify what the government advocates for rt would be required to deliver the projects. The budget also includes $ 4.2 million for construction work to facilitate the release of land in Watson’s block 2, section 76. The site is earmarked for up to 200 new homes, including affordable housing. Sustainability incentives for households are another key element As announced last week, the government has committed $ 150 million to a sustainable household scheme and is offering support Households offer interest-free loans of up to $ 15,000 to pay for energy efficiency improvements, including solar panels, battery storage, zero-emission vehicles and energy-efficient electrical appliances. Macgregor residents Chelsea Menchin and Andrew Carbine recently sold their four-bedroom home, saying its energy efficiency rating (EER) was a major draw for buyers. In recent years, the couple has invested in series of home upgrades, including new insulation, 20 solar panels on the roof and three water tanks. “Having 5.5 EER on a large block in an old house … I think that was a big selling point because people can see that we’ve invested in things that you can not see but that actually make a big difference in your life, “said Mrs. Menchin. Other sustainability measures in this year’s budget include an interest-free loan system for low-income homeowners in the government’s five-year, $ 50 million vulnerable household support scheme for households. The Solar for Low Income program will also continue to provide grants of up to $ 2,500 to low income homeowners to support the installation of solar cells on the roof. Budget budgets assume a strong pent-up demand for properties after lockdown, which will result in an increase in auction clearances across territory. This is likely to put upward pressure on property prices throughout the ACT, but the government expects growth rates to be moderate. After the sale of their home, Mrs Menchin and Mr Carbine move to Yass, a move that has been on the cards for a while but would not have been possible if the real estate market had not been so strong. “The average of 22 days [selling time] as the Canberra market currently has, as well as the good [sale] the prices enabled us to do so, “said Mrs Menchin. If there was a risk to it [our property] would have been sitting on the market for a few months, then we could not physically do it. “Our journalists work hard to deliver local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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