Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Back in 2015, had Toronto pizza not yet spun to the glorious heights? it does today. “We felt like the delivery pizza game was stagnant,” says Shlomo Buchler. “Bigger chains. Average product. Intricate menus. We wanted to move the perception of pizza in a box by delivering a completely unique experience. ”

Buchler decided to be the change he wanted to see in the dough, by opening Maker Pizza, tapping Matty Matheson to develop a few perfect pies, including the honey-dripped White, Frank’s Best (caramelized onions, goat cheese, rosemary, sea salt and honey with sesame crust) and Buchler’s own favorite, Siena Margherita. Of the latter, he says: “It is pizza in its purest form. Margherita is the heart and soul of every pizzeria. ”

Maker Pizza opened its first location in Chinatown, then two years later uptown on Avenue Road. A third pizzeria – in Leslieville – just joined famiglia.

“Pizza is meant to be shared,” Buchler says. Few things can beat the feeling of opening that box. The perfectly crispy pepperoni. The pillowy charred dough. The mixed aroma of melted cheese and fresh tomato sauce. It’s love in a box! And love is joy. ”

To celebrate National Pizza Month, Maker Pizza impresario shares its own picks for the city’s best pies.

The Margy at Tutti Matti, 364 Adelaide St.  W.

Margien on Tutti Matti, 364 Adelaide St. W.

“Perfect Neapolitan dough. This pizza is definitely the closest to Italy you will find in Toronto. And to be perfectly clear, Italy still makes the best pizza in the world. Love (founder and chef) Alida Solomon and team. ”

Pepperoni at Descendant Detroit Style Pizza, 1168 Queen St.

“In my opinion the best Detroit-style pizza in town. (Founder and Chef) Chris Getchell’s commitment to his product is such a reflection of his personality. ”

Boccadasse by Mattachioni, 1617 Dupont St.

“Just a beautiful pizza made by an incredibly talented chef. Everything on Mattachioni’s menu stands out. David Mattachioni is a true Toronto talent. ”

Bionda at Ciao Roma, 28 Roytec Rd.

“A Woodbridge favorite. The beauty of this pizza is the simplicity. Crispy, flaky, fluffy dough and traditional fresh toppings. Love it.”

The cheese panzo (with a side of sweet sauce) at Bitondo Pizzeria, 11 Clinton St.

“Such a beautiful thing. Classic Toronto pizzeria that paved the way for the new wave of independent Toronto pizzerias. Nothing but love for this old-school pizza joint. ”


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