Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Deontay Wilder’s coach has revealed the astonishing revelation that the heavyweight boxer broke his hand during his loss to Tyson Fury in the pair’s trilogy fight.

Wilders against earned the boxing world’s admiration yesterday, with the American dueling with Fury until it was finally stopped in the 11th round.

But his brave performance proved to be costly, with coach Malik Scott detailing a wide range of injuries he sustained during the epic clash.

“He has a broken lip, he broke his hand, his finger or something like that is broken,” Scott told ESNews.

“But life goes on. I really do not want Deontay talking about boxing, not doing anything with boxing for a while. I want him to rest well, especially after this.”

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Deontay’s refusal to shake Fury’s hand gave an explosive postscript to the match.

But Scott was willing to acknowledge Fury’s victory.

“Deontay looks at Fury as a man he had serious issues with, regarding things he felt and certain allegations that were out there and certain things that he actually saw with his own eyes,” Scott said.

“After they released that energy, all that excitement, he still felt like he had it.

“When he left the ring and I followed him out, I would shake the competitor’s hand and just tell him you know, ‘Good fight, man.'”

Tyson Fury is aiming for Deontay Wilder’s aftermath

Scott also revealed what the couple was talking about during Wilder’s time in the hospital.

“I ran through him all night little by little,” Scott said.

“I told him how he felt in the shake-out, I told him how he looked in the walk-out, I told him how relaxed he was.

“I told him in the first round how he came out, he did well, he did everything we worked on, he took control of the middle of the ring.

“I told him things I did not like that we should continue to work on.”

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