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In Greater Manchester, eight women have been killed since Sarah Everard was murdered last spring.

Among them was a teenager, killed at a holiday park and a grandmother murdered by her ex-husband with an ax when he found out she was selling their former home.

Three men are now serving life sentences for the murder of women.

Two more have been charged with murder, while police have not yet indicted suspects in three of the cases.

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Metropolitan Police firearms officer Wayne Couzens is serving an entire life sentence for the kidnapping, rape and murder of 33-year-old marketing manager Everard in London, meaning he will never be released from prison.

Her shocking killings have prompted campaigns to urge the government, police forces and councils to take steps to combat violence against women.

The government has pledged a £ 45 million fund for safer streets that will include the installation of enhanced lighting and CCTV.

But clear figures reveal that at least 80 women in Britain have been killed by men, or that a man has been identified as the main suspect since Mrs Everard’s murder.

It says the group Counting Dead Women, a website that tracks female homicides in the UK.

Police investigations into the deaths of five of the eight women killed since Sarah Everard was assassinated last spring are still ongoing. Although it is not crucial that they were killed by men, all the women killed met untimely deaths.

Wayne Couzens is serving a life sentence for kidnapping, raping and murdering Sarah Everard

Greater Manchester women and a teenager killed since Sarah Everard’s murder

Imogen Bohajczuk

Imogen Bohajczuk, 29, known as Immy, was described by her family as a “beautiful daughter”.

They said her life and future were “tragically taken from her”.

Imogen was murdered by his girlfriend Daniel Grant Smith during a ‘violent’ attack in February.

Smith, 41, used red nail polish to tighten the words, “It was me” on his girlfriend’s legs after stabbing her to death with a kitchen knife.

Imogen Bohajczuk, known as Immy, was found dead on March 4
Imogen Bohajczuk, known as Immy, was found dead on March 4

He then stole her bank card and used the balance on alcohol.

Manchester Crown Court heard that their ‘toxic’ relationship was marked by alcohol abuse and violence.

It was not until two weeks later, after a welfare check from the charity supporting Mrs Bohajczuk, that she was discovered.

After pleading guilty to manslaughter at a previous court hearing, Smith was jailed for life — to serve a minimum term of 17 and a half years.

Dyanne Mansfield

Dyanne Mansfield

Described by the family as “a much-loved wife, sister and friend to many”, Dyanne Mansfield, 71, was found dead in the backyard of her home on Canterbury Road, Hale, on March 24.

A police investigation into her death is underway.

A pathologist gave a preliminary cause of death as a ‘cut wound in the neck’ during an investigation at Stockport Coroners’ Court.

A man arrested on suspicion of murder was taken to hospital with ‘serious neck and arm injuries’.

He was discharged from the hospital and has since been bailed pending further investigations.

Susan Booth

Susan Booth was murdered by her ex-husband Stephen Booth

Susan Booth, much-loved grandmother, was described by her family as “the epitome of care, both in her professional and personal life”.

The health assistant, 62, was murdered by his ex-girlfriend Stephen Booth on May 4th.

Booth, 64, has been jailed for life after fatally beating Susan 19 times with an ax.

The killer had discovered that Susan was selling the family home he had built in Shaw, near Oldham.

He lay waiting for the home they had shared until their split three years earlier, hitting her from behind with an ax when she returned home from a guard at Royal Oldham Hospital.

Booth is serving at least 22 and a half years behind bars after pleading guilty to murder.

Joanne Baird

Joanne Baird

Joanne Baird was a mother of three and much loved daughter and sister.

The 42-year-old was found dead in water at the Hey Brook River, in Rochdale, on June 3rd.

Her body was discovered by two children playing in shallow water behind All Saints Church on Foxholes Road in Rochdale.

A month later, police officers arrested a 26-year-old man suspected of her murder.

Detective Inspector David Crewe said officers have an open mind regarding the circumstances surrounding Joanne’s death and appealed for information.

Tamara Paddy

Tamara Paddy

A mother of two daughters, Tamara Padi, 43, was described as ‘a happy soul’ who was ‘full of love and made sure everyone around her felt that love’.

Police were called to a house on Lake Road, in Stalybridge, in the early hours of Wednesday (July 7) by paramedics requesting assistance.

Officers attended and found that Tamara had been stabbed.

She was taken to hospital, where she was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

This week, her estranged husband, Aubrey Padi, 46, was jailed for her murder.

Manchester Crown Court heard he ‘hid’ in her house after letting himself – armed with knives, a hammer, gloves and a leash – before beating and stabbing Tamara to death.

Sandra See

Sandra Hughes died in a house fire in Gorton

Sandra See, 63, died in a house fire in Gorton on July 13.

Police were called shortly before 2.30am by the fire brigade to an address on Darras Road.

Mrs. See, also known as Sandra Hughes, was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene.

Mark See, 34, is charged with her murder and is due to appear in court later this month.

He appeared in Manchester Crown Court in July but did not file a plea.

Sarah Hussein

Sarah Hussein

Sarah Hussein was born in Pakistan but lived on East Street in Bury and worked as a shop assistant.

Police were called to East Street just after 7:30 p.m., Friday, July 23, to report that a woman had been seriously burned.

Emergency services found Sarah, 31, with severe burns.

She was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital, where she died shortly afterwards.

An investigation into her death was opened in August.

Three men aged 34, 24 and 26 were arrested in connection with the incident and have since been rescued pending further investigations.

Sarah’s family in Pakistan described her as “the family that everyone turned to for help and support both financially and emotionally”.

Amanda Selby

Amanda Selby, 15, died at a caravan park in North Wales

Fifteen-year-old Amanda Selby died after police were called in for reports of a “household disturbance” at Ty Mawr Holiday Park in Towyn, near Abergele, North Wales, on July 31.

The teenager has been described by her family as being “caring, thoughtful, liked to help others and much loved”.

Her brother Matthew Selby, 19, of Windermere Crescent, Ashton-under-Lyne, has been charged with her murder.

He appeared at Mold Crown Court via video link from HMP Berwyn back in August, but made no pleas.

What GMP says

Following the sentencing of Wayne Couzens for the murder of Sarah Everard, Greater Manchester Police Deputy Chief of Staff Terry Woods said women’s safety was a ‘top priority’ for the force.

“My thoughts and everyone at Greater Manchester Police go to Sarah Everard’s family and friends who have experienced unimaginable pain as a result of Wayne Couzens’ heinous crimes,” he said.

“He committed a horrible and unforgivable act, and I know that every officer across this force is outraged and angry at his actions.

“I absolutely understand that the public will now question the integrity and trust they give us as police officers. I know all of our officers will feel this burden heavily and we are determined to regain that trust.

“My job, and every police officer, is to protect the public. We want all members of our community, especially women and girls, to feel that they are not at risk of injury if they just walk the streets of Greater Manchester and go about their daily lives.

“Let us be clear – it is not the responsibility of women, but it is us as law enforcement, the government and as a society to prevent and target these offenders in committing these crimes. This is a matter for all of us to take action against and sacrifice. should not bear the burden.

“As a male police officer, I will do more to stop these perpetrators before they commit a crime.”

“In the long run, we have been working with the mayor’s office to develop a gender-based violence strategy, which involves a 10-year plan to tackle gender-based violence issues directly in Greater Manchester,” the chief added.

“But more immediately, we know we have a job to do to ensure that people trust our police officers. I would urge everyone who is in contact with our officers to feel safe by asking to see their warrant card for identification and respectfully ask them to use their radio to contact a colleague or the control room to check that they are acting in an official capacity, or even call 999 if they feel something is not right.

“I have today reminded officers of our duty to do more to reassure the public, especially the women and girls we are here to protect. Our officers will expect this and will support those who wish to be further reassured.

“We are committed to ensuring that incidents like this do not happen at all. Women’s safety is a top priority and something we will continue to take incredibly seriously.”


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