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Since we are in the month of all things creepy, we thought it would be fun to check in with one of Toronto’s most famous psychics. Angel Morgan has been a go-to in the media for his high energy visions of past, present and future. She has been featured many times on several TV and radio shows, including a regular spot on Newstalk 1010 Radio, Rogers TV and more. Her travels have brought her to shamans in Costa Rica to small towns and cities known for paranormal activities. She is often encouraged to read to humans (she also communicates with animals) and often even offers free readings on her Facebook and IG when the spirits move her. So we wondered if she was open to answering everything we, along with a couple of our readers, had ever wanted to ask a psychic.

How did you know you were destined to be a psychic?

Angel: Someone told me that in the first reading I ever went to. I did not believe her. Six months later, I was working in the same store next to the very psychic who is now like a sister to me. I did not grow up and wanted to be this, I did not believe in it.

Do psychiatrists and viewers go to school for this or train?

Angel: They can train, but for the most part we are guided by spirits and they teach us over time. I was lucky to have both. I worked in a store for nine years, shadowing extremely gifted women who taught me more than any book could, and then finding medicine people from many cultures who took me under their wings.

That’s all from them on the other side now.

Is it hard for you to sleep?

Angel: No, but it’s hard to fall asleep sometimes. As cliché as it may sound, I get woken up in the middle of the night to all sorts of halloween-type scenarios like people coming through the wall and ghost animals. I either choose to help them, or ask them to go away. Over time, psychics get used to it.

Does it stress you out at all to know things good or bad?

Angel: I don’t get really stressed out in life because of what I do. Not many phase me. Things are going to be what they are going to be and knowledge helps me feel at peace with what is to come.

I feel like I get the information to help myself and others navigate through situations, so it keeps me pretty chill most of the time.

Can you predict your own future?

Angel: There’s a big debate in our society about that. Some say we can not, others say we should not. I can. I’m not trying to ask. I do not want to know if I can help it. I like the unpredictability of life. It’s more fun. The only time I press in is if there’s an imminent danger and I need to know how to navigate it, or if I get a vision without asking … then I’m definitely paying attention.

Do you ever get a day off from feeling connected to others?

Angel: No. I can “turn it down” temporarily or easily, but there is no day off. You learn to live with it, work with it and focus on these tools and skills so that it does not interfere with your everyday life. It is part of what keeps us healthy, wholesome and good at what we do.

Do you ever feel afraid of what you have learned about someone and wish you did not know it?

Angel: Absolutely! Sometimes I see things that I cannot remove. It is part of the territory. It comes down to how I handle it. I’ve seen death, abortions, even tapped into people you would think were saints who have so many secrets. It’s not always roses and fluffy kittens.

I have had clients who want me to see for them and what I see is heartbreaking but they need validation or confirmation. So it’s not always about wishing I didn’t see it. Sometimes I wish I did not have to provide the information. Difference and judgment are sooo important.

Have you ever sensed that you know something but are not sure if the other person would take this information well? How do you handle it?

Angel: Great question! I do not work alone. I ask my guides, guardians, angels, etc. They show me how to navigate the situation. I ask for the eloquence if I am to speak.

Those who are really good at this learn the distinction. It’s not about if you provide the information, that’s how. Sometimes we do not have to provide information at all and we are physically stopped from talking.

I also ask, “How truthful do you want me to be?” This gives the person sitting opposite me the choice between hearing the information or not. I think that’s fair.

What happens when you see something but it does not actually come true? How do you explain what happened?

Angel: Sometimes people will try to change a result. I’ve done it. I was told something that especially changed my life and struggled with the prediction. It turned out to be true differently and on a different timeline, but it happened.

Some future results are intended to be changed. We give predictions to give a result. Some are set in stone, others can be reshaped because they are meant to be. I always try to let people know what is which.

I have had predictions that have not come true, usually it is either because they have changed it or I had to fast in talking what I saw and missed details or the true message. I’m learning to brake. Listen better to the other side.

I learn that it is better to give 2 really good predictions that are 100% correct than 4 predictions that are 95% correct so that people get “more”. My accuracy has always been high, but as I get older, my readings get deeper, my connection is stronger, the messages are clearer, and it has become more fun to take readings.

How do you explain what you do for Revenue Canada?

Angel: My official role in the company is owner / sole owner, on government documents I am a media psychic. Because I’ve had my company Raising Energy for over 20 years, my show on Rogers TV, working on a Newstalk 1010 and other high-profile businesses, it legitimizes me. My accountant loves it lol!

Angel Mogran Toronto fortune teller

Can you see your own future?

Angel: I can. I do not prefer that. It’s more fun that way. However, I will use my abilities to help my family. My son will ask questions “but not as a mom”, my fiance cares about our cats so he will ask me to check in. I’ve seen my sons come up and want to tap on girlfriends and ask how it’s going to go … (yep, I do!)

How can we see if we also have the special gift to see? Is it like intuition?

Angel: We are all intuitive, it’s just to what extent and if we are willing to strengthen our gifts.

It’s more about finding your special way of “seeing”. it’s about knowing you. Do you feel more than others? Can you see things in the corner of your eye that other people are not? do you hear or smell things that the person next to you did not? Take stock of your own experiences and reject nothing. Do not compare yourself with people on TV or who you read about. It’s a great place to start.

Ask questions and feel free to contact me or others like myself who are on this path and have experienced. It’s a more open time now, so do not be afraid, be curious.

If we believe in ghosts, then should we be afraid?

Angel: No. It is a rare time that there is something to be afraid of. Remember, you are in control. You do not work for spirit, spirit does not work for you. You work together. You have the power to say go away if you feel bothered by a ghost. You have the power to talk to them in your own way when you find and nurture it.

Most times, they just want to connect like we do. They want someone to know they are there, some will not be forgotten and others will need help.

If you are unsure, ask your angels and guides to help you understand the situation, or ask them to help you send them in their happy way.

To reach out to Angel, visit her website here.

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