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Jimmy Carr was left furious after a heckler disrupted his show in Poole and he had to get help from his bodyguard to remove them from the crowd

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Jimmy Carr asks that heckler be removed from the Poole show

Jimmy Carr’s personal bodyguard Stephen was forced to kick a heckler out of the audience at his Poole show after they kept interrupting.

The comedian, 49, was left furious after a person went too far and ended up ruining his show on Oct. 7, prompting the 8 out of ten cats to remove them.

In sound taken from the show, Jimmy can be heard slapping heckler and demanding that they leave after taking things too far.

“Guys, stop negotiating with him and get him out of that fucking building,” Jimmy smokes.

He added: “Stephen does my security – he does not give of ** k.”

Jimmy Carr was furious at a heckler


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Jimmy added, “You did this to yourself mate. If it’s any consolation, I’ll keep the money,” and “do not forget to buy my book!”

An audience member sitting next to heckler told Dorset Live that they had been rude and disruptive.

“Initially, they were not offensive, just annoying at the thought of everyone enjoying their constant interactions, which interrupted Jimmy’s flow and audience enjoyment,” the audience said.

He had his bodyguard remove the disturbing heckler


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“Jimmy let them know they were annoyed by his teasing, but they loved this attention and did not take the hint.”

Another audience member claimed that Jimmy’s bodyguard “literally dragged” the heckler out of the crowd, while another recounted how the audience cheered and applauded Stephen for removing the heckler.

Others said the interruption slightly delayed the show’s schedule, and that meant they were about twenty minutes behind. But those in attendance said they still loved the show.

In recent days, Jimmy has revealed the name of his son and the meaning behind his only child’s name.

The funny man recently revealed that he became a father for the first time two years ago with his partner Karoline Copping, 46.

The comedian had a wild answer


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In a new interview, he shared that the happy couple named their son Rockefeller – a nod to “the greatest comedian ever” Chris Rock and American businessman John D. Rockefeller.

The Channel 4 star also opened up about how becoming a parent can affect his comedy.

“It can be a bit of a gear shift because of the kind of comedy I do,” Jimmy told the Radio Times as he discussed paternity.

“But so far I’m still telling the same jokes, I have the same sense of humor. We’ll see, because I’m sure I’m going to write a lot of material about him. In fact, I think he may be deductible. “

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