Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Viral Netflix TV show Octopus game has triggered a resurgence of the two-ingredient Korean candy, Dalgona.

The fearsome Netflix series, which has quickly become the most watched original TV show ever, is centered around desperate, guilty participants who have to participate in a series of children’s games to win a large sum of money.

The downside is that you either win the battles or face death …

Squid Games has unleashed a resurgence of Dalgona candy (Netflix)

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The popular Korean thriller features a scene that has since gone viral, by game participants who are forced to cut a figure out of the Korean, gingerbread-like candy known as Dalgona. Throughout the carving process, participants must not snatch Dalgona, which is incredibly crispy … scary, right?

So what is it exactly Octopus game candy?

Dalgona is a beloved childhood allowance in Korea, made from sugar and baking soda.

The famous Korean chef and the author behind the popular food blog Kimchimari, JinJoo Lee, commented on the Dalgona craze.

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“I saw them all the time when we were kids on every street corner in the neighborhood-these little pop-up tents with a parasol [where] an old man sold sweets, ‘she says Exciting.

“They wanted to make the candy, press the mold, and they wanted to sell it to the kids, and their challenge was exactly the way the game actually looks. Octopus game – to cut out the mold without breaking it. “

However, the risks that came with breaking the candy were far less traumatic.

Internet users have tried to recreate the viral Dalgona (TikTok)

Lee explains to Exciting journalists, “If you cut out the mold without breaking it and you take it back to the seller, he’s give you another candy or a toy, because there’s a bit of a game element there, the kids were hooked and we grew up on that. “

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Dalgona candy sales are rising

The section on Squid Games has driven demand for Dalgona through the roof. Korean chef, An Yong-hu, who made dalgona for Octopus game told Reuters he had not left home for a week because he was so busy keeping up with orders.

Yong-hu told Reuters journalists who before the publication of Octopus game he sold 200 Dalgona a day.

Now the busy candy maker sells more than 500 a day, all priced at around $ 2 each.

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How to make Dalgona Candy?

Dalgona sweets became popular after the Korean War in the 1950s, when sweets and treats were scarce. At a time when sweets were considered a luxury, Dalgona was beneficial because it required only two ingredients to make: glucose and baking soda.

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The hashtag #dalgonachallenge is in trend on TikTok, with millions of views with many users making videos of themselves trying out the game at home.

Making the viral candy at home is pretty simple — all you need is sugar, baking powder, and a dash of vegetable oil to make sure the toffee-like mixture doesn’t stick.

“There is a time-sensitive part,” Lee warned. “If you go [the candy] too long, it burns very fast. You also need to be quick to move it from the ladle onto a plate or metal tray. “

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