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It may not come as a surprise that Premier League champions Manchester City and their local rivals, Manchester United, have the two most valuable squads in Europe, but the size of the gap between them and the rest is quite staggering.

The CIES Football Observatory in Switzerland has compiled a study of all 98 squads playing in Europe’s top five leagues: Premier League (England), LaLiga (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany), Serie A (Italy) and Ligue 1 (France).

CIES used its tailor-made algorithm to calculate the transfer values ​​of each player in each squad to estimate how much each club would potentially earn in transfer fees if all their players were to leave.

For example, if Manchester City suddenly decide to make every single player on their first-team list available for transfer and successfully move them all for a fee set by the CIES, they would recover more than € 1.2 billion. ($ 1.47 billion / £ 1.08 billion).

After reviewing the CIES rankings, here are the most important points to know (all CIES ‘individual player values ​​can be searched here, all fees are quoted in Euros for consistency).

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1. Manchester billionaires

According to another recent CIES report, City and United boast the two most expensive collections in Europe’s top five leagues. City is the only club that has invested over 1 billion. Euro in transfer fees on the players Pep Guardiola has at his disposal in 2021-22. The latest arrival is Jack Grealish, who signed from Aston Villa for a UK record fee of € 117 million and joined stars such as Kevin De Bruyne (€ 63 million), Raheem Sterling (€ 57 million) and Ruben Dias (€ 68 million), which all costs City big money.

United’s most high-profile deal in the summer window was the sensational return of Cristiano Ronaldo, who left Juventus for a transfer fee that could rise to € 23m. Ronaldo joined a squad with expensive acquisitions such as Paul Pogba (€ 105 million), Bruno Fernandes (€ 64.5 million) and Harry Maguire (€ 94 million), but has wasted some time re-establishing his status as principal at Old Trafford.

So it will be reassuring for the big spending Manchester rivals to know that they top the table for estimated squad value, with both clubs boasting just over £ 1bn. Euro in talent-City with 1.28 billion. Euro and United with 1.21 billion. Euro. Based on CIES ‘calculations, both teams would recover more money than they spent on transfers, where United would earn a profit of almost € 350 million.

2. Premier League podium

Although no other club can claim to have broken the 10-figure barrier to estimated squad value, Chelsea are close to this mark, completing a 1-2-3 to the Premier League. The reigning European champions, who beat City in last season’s Champions League final, have an estimated squad value of € 946 million.

According to CIES, Chelsea’s big summer signing Romelu Lukaku could possibly move to a transfer fee that is greater than the 115 million. €, which the Blues invested in him in the summer should he move again in January, while their Champions League final winner Kai Havertz is now valued at close to double the € 73 million fee they signed him for in 2020.

3. Barcelona still has money in the bank

Despite their widespread financial situation, Barcelona are the highest ranked club in the LaLiga with an estimated squad value of € 896 million, placing them fourth overall. The CIES algorithm places great emphasis on talented young players, so the breakthrough star like Ansu Fati (valued by CIES at € 40m-50m) and Pedri (€ 120m-150m) are totally up for grabs.

As you might expect, Real Madrid are the next Spanish club on the overall list to enter a seventh overall with an estimated squad value of € 846m. Thanks to their own coupling of young stars like Vinicius Junior (€ 120m-150m) and veterans like Karim Benzema (€ 40m-50m).

4. The usual suspects

There are few surprises when it comes to the leaders of the rest of Europe’s top five leagues in terms of their team values. Bayern Munich are at the top of the Bundesliga (€ 890 million), Paris Saint-Germain are miles ahead of Ligue 1 (€ 808 million) and Juventus occupy the top spot in Serie A (€ 618 million).

There are no Italian teams in the overall top 10, with Juve highest in 11th place. Inter Milan (€ 469m) and AC Milan (€ 434m) are 17th and 18th respectively, just below Leicester City (€ 480m) in 16th place.

Just for the sake of order, Monaco can claim the second largest squad in France’s top division with an estimated total value of only € 335 million – which means that even if you removed Lionel Messi (€ 50-70 million), Neymar (€ 50-70 mio.) And Kylian Mbappe 90-120 mio. €) from consideration, then PSG would still have Ligue 1’s most valuable squad.

The Premier League is far ahead

The Premier League can claim to be the most valuable league in European football based on the results of the report.

According to CIES, the English have top-tier a total estimated transfer value (of all players on all teams) of as much as 8.9 billion. That is a rough average of € 445 million. Pr. Club.

The top three in the overall squad rankings are dominated by English clubs with Manchester City top, Manchester United number two and Chelsea completing the podium. Further down, Liverpool occupy sixth place, while Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are just outside the top 10 in 13th and 14th place respectively.

LaLiga is second (€ 5.3 billion in total, € 263 million per club), Bundesliga is third (€ 4.5 billion, € 251 million), Serie A is fourth (€ 4.4 billion. , € 222m) and Ligue 1 is fifth (€ 3.4bn, € 172m).


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