Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Toronto’s Junction Triangle neighborhood could be home to a brand new solid timber in the middle of the ladder if a builder’s plans for construction are approved.

Gairloch Developments is looking to build the housing project at 1650 Dupont Street – the current location of the Sporting Clube Portugues de Toronto. The six-story building would have 30 residential units plus two commercial units on the ground floor.

cross triangle

Gairloch Developments / Toronto by

Plans call for the building’s frame to be built in wood — an environmentally friendly approach that is becoming increasingly popular. This method allows builders to take advantage of renewable building materials rather than using non-renewable concrete or steel.

“This is a forward-looking building that will serve as a model for sustainable development as we move away from energy-intensive materials typically used for these types of buildings, such as concrete and steel, to healthier and more sustainable materials such as wood,” says development program cover letter reader.

Gairloch Developments / Toronto by

And it’s not just material choices for the Junction Triangle building that are green. Developers complete any lower quality development to minimize the impact on the environment. While this does not mean any underground parking, there will be seven stacked parking spaces behind the building.

If approved, much of the building will be erected off-site — another step, as the developers say, will minimize environmental impacts.

“Building healthier neighborhoods means constructing the majority of the building outside the site in controlled environments,” the application materials read. “Any work on the site can be carried out quickly and with minimal disturbance to the residents of the neighborhood.”

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