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The holiday season is almost upon us, and with 11 miserable weeks until Christmas, you may have begun to wonder “What the hell am I getting everyone ?!”

As the end of the lockdown approaches, going out for Christmas shopping may be the last thing on your to-do list. But since you can never go wrong with an Advent calendar (chocolate or otherwise), a local business has created the perfect Christmas gift for Canberran that has it all.

The Canberra Region Advent Calendar from Sharwood Hampers is a box of happy editions featuring the best of everything Canberra and the surrounding regions have to offer, from Canberra Distillery Gin to Sweet Chilli Sauce from Anthony’s Sauces & Condiments in Goulburn and more.

The calendar is currently available for a pre-sale price of $ 198 until Friday, October 15th and features 24 unique Christmas-themed mini-products made exclusively for Sharwood Hampers.

With five years of experience making premium gifts, Sharon Isherwood says the Canberra Region Advent Calendar has been nine months in the making.

“The focus of our business is that we supply products from the entire Canberra region and the surrounding regions, and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if I could actually make it an Advent calendar?'” Sharon says.

“There are many amazing companies out there in the region that create these amazing quality products … I think it’s really important to support local suppliers, because if you do not support what is made locally, then you know that it does not really does a good service to society, ”

From Christmas-scented soap to whiskey, Sharon says the blend of products is a reflection of the region’s selection of local quality businesses, and while she hopes the Canberra region’s Advent calendar brings joy during the festival season, her ultimate goal is to share local businesses. with society.

“I want people to know what’s going on in their communities, what people are doing, the amazing products,” she says. “While it’s a product that can be enjoyed throughout December, we want people to know what’s there and what’s available.”

With only a limited number of stocks, the calendars, when pre-sale ends, will be available for $ 218 until sold out.

While Sharon hopes to continue the calendar in the future, she says this year’s version is extra special – it’s perfect for anyone in Australia who wants to keep a little bit of Canberra nearby or for those who may feel homesick.

“We can actually send the calendar, so if people want to order it to send interstate to family and friends, then they can do that too,” Sharon says. “We also offer local delivery.”

“It’s a great, unique idea that people can use to celebrate with their families, even when they are at home or with families that they can hopefully connect with during December.”

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