Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Several photos have been released of the huge water park, spa and wellness center being built next to the Trafford Center.

Managers have now revealed that the city will have 35 water slides as well as 25 pools across its 25-acre side next to the mall.

The ‘urban oasis’ from the Therme is set to be the first £ 250 million city-based resort in the UK to double the company’s center in Bucharest, which opened in 2016, reports the Manchester Evening News.

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The huge facility will consist of structures with glass dome with 35 slides, 25 pools, 30 saunas and steam baths as well as a weekly schedule for training hours.

The pools will be both indoors and outdoors, and over 1,500 palm trees will be planted to create a tropical ambiance.

There are also plans for beehives on the roof – with the hope of using honey from local bees in recipes at hotel restaurants as well as in spa treatments.

An artist's impression of the place
An artist’s impression of the place

At the heart of the development will also be a spectacular 10,000 sqm rose-shaped botanical garden – to represent England’s national flower.

The center is set to combine hundreds of water-based activities with wellness treatments, art, nature and technology to create a unique ‘never before seen in the UK’ experience and hit the staycation boom.

Therme Group executives say they hope the center will bring an ‘everyday holiday to people across the north-west of England’.

Pictures of their website in Bucharest give a sense of the scale of the development and the dazzling array of water slides and facilities that families here can expect when Therme Manchester opens for the first time.

Therme Bucharest
Pictures from Therme in Bucharest give a clearer idea of ​​what the resort will look like

Managers say the development is still on track for an opening in 2023, although construction work is still at a preliminary time on the site.

It is planned on the square next to Barton Square at Trafford Center, an area partially covered by the Event City Exhibition Center that closed earlier this year.

The center will include a large family area with water slides, a wave pool, indoor and outdoor pools, steam room and relaxation areas.

The site will contain 35 water slides

There will also be a dedicated adult area with hot water lagoons amidst spectacular botanical gardens, swimming bars, therapeutic mineral pools and luxurious steam rooms and saunas.

Daily programming will include water-based fitness classes, and gardens will surround the area and create spaces for yoga, pilates and other activities.

Managers say all Therme Group resorts use state-of-the-art plant-based filtration to purify the environment so guests always breathe the freshest air and swim in the purest ozone-treated water.

It will also have a botanical garden in the shape of a rose

Richard Land, Chief Development Officer for Therme Group UK, said: “Therme Group is based on a belief that well-being should be accessible to all.

“The events of 2020 have highlighted the need for this mission, especially for those in cities.

“Therme Manchester will redefine the city’s well-being and improve mental and physical health through an experience based on water and nature.

It will offer a unique vacation home that acts as a catalyst for a healthy lifestyle. ”

Guests also have the option of several training hours

The latest update from Therme comes when the plans were approved last month for another large water-based facility at the Trafford Center, with a surf lagoon of £ 60 million. On Barton Dock Road.

Plans for Modern Surf, which boasts a high-tech pool with man-made waves, were approved last week. It also aims to open in 2023, in what is expected to be a huge year for the expansion of the Peel-owned district.

Therme executives say they are doing everything they can to protect against COVID-19 at all of their destinations and expect to bid more than $ 1.5 million. Visitors are welcome to the Manchester website once it has opened.

The Therme group has already confirmed plans to roll out similar well-being cities across the UK, including in Wales, London and Scotland, as well as in North America and the Asia-Pacific.

The UK expansion is expected to create around 3,000 jobs.

The prices for access to the center have not yet been revealed, but executives say they aim to keep it ‘affordable’ for everyone.

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