Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Lego finally confirmed their biggest dead ball ever based on the Titanic on Thursday, October 7th. The massive set will have 9090 pieces to complete the 4.5-foot-long replica of the fateful ship that sank in the Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912.

The original ship is about 220 times larger than the copy of the Titanic from Lego. Lego stamped the set as 18+ for catering to the adult hobbyists who would splurge to tinker with this expensive model.

Like the Titanic itself, the largest Lego model ever (from 2021) comes with very intricate attention to detail. It measures over 4.2 feet (53 feet) long, 1.46 feet (1.46 feet) high and 6 inches (0.5 feet) wide.

When will the Lego Titanic kit be released?

As mentioned above, pre-orders for the set begin Monday (October 11). However, the actual release date is set for November 8th. Lego’s official website offers free shipping, and fast shipping of the product is available at an additional cost.

In addition, buyers can return the purchase 90 days after purchase. However, the box must remain unopened.

The Lego Titanic costs around $ 629.99 and will be available for pre-order from October 11 at the official Lego site. In the UK it will cost around £ 570. In the meantime, Europe will get it for € 629.99.

Kit features

Lego exquisite created a detailed look for the RMS Titanic. According to the description, Lego says

“The cross-section reveals interior details such as the first-class dining room, the grand staircase, one of the boiler room and many cabins from the various passenger classes.”

The section will also have a dining room, smoking room and reading lounge.

Engines (Image via Lego Group)
Engines (Image via Lego Group)

In addition, the Titanic Lego set will have a restored swimming pool, ship bridge, pomegranate deck, engine room and more. The 1: 200+ scale will also include realistic details, including over 16 lifeboats, benches, cargo cranes, British flags and over 300 berths.

Like other realistic Lego models, the Lego Titanic will have adjustable mast heads, anchors, movable propellers and engines.

Lego Titanic Engines (Image via Lego Group)
Lego Titanic Engines (Image via Lego Group)

Mike Psiaki, the design master of Lego, mentioned in the press release,

“Designed by LEGO Titanic with such a focus on enormous detail and scale, but also accuracy, has allowed us to create one of the most challenging construction experiences to date. We know brick builders and ship enthusiasts of all ages will love building the set and displaying it in their homes. ”

The model set also comes with six matching racks for displaying the model upon completion. The set also includes a nameplate that reads the name of the iconic vessel,.


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