Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Health authorities have identified new exposure sites in the regional South Australia in connection with a Victorian truck driver who tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend.

The man in his 20s tested positive on Saturday at the border test site at Yamba and continued driving through South Australia towards Western Australia before being notified of the result.

SA Health said it had also received new information indicating that the truck driver was also in South Australia on an earlier trip the week before.

It identified three level 2 exposure sites:

  • OTR Service Station on Eyre Highway at Ceduna, including Hungry Jacks there, September 30 and October 4
  • The OTR service station on Augusta Highway in Port Augusta, including Hungry Jacks, on September 30th
  • Renmark McDonalds and OTR service station on the morning of September 30th.

In addition, two additional locations have been upgraded to Level 2 exposure sites after the man’s driver tested positive for COVID-19 late yesterday. They are:

  • Yamba Caltex Friday afternoon
  • Port Augusta OTR, including Hungry Jacks, Friday night.

Both cases are now at Adelaide’s COVID-positive media hotel.

SA Health has previously said that the truck driver did not use QR codes to check in at the places he visited.

Health authorities have also listed four service stations in Western Australia as potential exposure points associated with the truck driver.

From Thursday, all truck drivers entering South Australia from New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory or Victoria must have had at least one COVID-19 vaccination.

Couple charged with alleged border crossing

Meanwhile, SA police last night arrested a man and a woman on Moorook South in Riverland for allegedly crossing the border illegally.

Police claim the couple drove into South Australia from Victoria without the necessary approvals and avoided checkpoints.

The man, 55, and the woman, 51, both from Colignan in the Victoria region, have been charged with failing to comply with an instruction under the Emergency Preparedness Act.

They have been taken to City Watch House, where they will remain in custody before appearing in Berri Magistrates Court by video link later today.

Police said both had so far returned negative test results for COVID-19.

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