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Top stories from Manchester Evening News today includes the rate of infection for coronavirus, which is soaring in Trafford, people are complaining about the ‘worst church ever’ and a man who sadly dies in a crash in Chadderton.

People were also abandoned after drinking an unusual complaint after a ‘traditional’ pub crawl in Manchester.

If you missed them, we’ve put together some teasers below and links to full articles.

There are many more, but here are some of the best read stories from Greater Manchester today – October 9th.

Greater Manchester’s latest Covid data: Trafford cases continue to ‘shoot’ as infection rate is the highest it has ever been

Prices have risen sharply in Trafford (picture is Altrincham center)

Coronavirus cases in Trafford continue to rise – with the infection rate rising by 50 percent week, the latest figures show.

The latest Public Health England data show that the transfer rate in the district is now 731.1 per. 100,000.

It’s the highest rate the borough has ever seen – and the highest at the moment in Greater Manchester.

It’s the common second – highest rate in the country – with Barrow-in-Furness – as things stand.

Only Kettering has a higher rate, 826.7.

Trafford saw the highest increase across the country in a week – topping 315 local government areas.

The latest data showed that the rate increased by 50 percent in the district over seven days.

It comes after health officials said the situation in the district was ‘very serious’ with 29 outbreaks at schools.

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Man, 59, dies after collision with car in Chadderton

The scene of the Chadderton crash

A man is sadly dead after a collision with a car, police have confirmed.

Rescue services were called to Broadway in Chadderton, Oldham, just after 10pm on Friday.

Greater Manchester Police said it was following reports of a collision between a car and a pedestrian.

Firefighters also attended the scene.

Police confirmed Saturday morning that a 59-year-old man was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene.

He has not been named.

Police say investigations are continuing.

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“I went to Lidl and bought the same shopping that I bought four months ago, it was so much more it cost me”

Lidl food store

We have heard so much about price increases recently and families struggling to make ends meet.

Although many people would admit that they felt the pinch, it is not always so easy to pinpoint exactly where the extra money is going.

When the parents on our Manchester Family Facebook page told us that their shopping bills were shooting up, we decided to test a supermarket.

Armed with a receipt for a shopping trip to Lidl in June, we agreed to buy the same products to see exactly which ones had risen in price.

Out of 16 items in the cart, a staggering three-quarters of them cost more – only cans, tomatoes, malt wheat grains, cheddar cheese and a Warburton Toastie bread remained the same.

And while some increased by only a few pence – including carrots and chocolate digesters up by three pence each – others had seen far greater increases.

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‘Worst surgery ever’ spreads across the region as people complain of terrible symptoms lasting weeks

People complain about the ‘worst church ever’

A terrible and difficult to get rid of the cold is currently spreading over the northwest.

The disease, which has been described as the ‘worst surgery ever’, leaves people with a sandpaper throat, chest cough and runny nose that are said to be difficult to change.

It has been expected for some time that this winter would see an increase in colds and flu due to the fact that people are largely socializing without any restrictions for the first time since March 2020.

A woman says she has been ‘totally on the floor’ for weeks – and more and more people say they have been ill or know someone who is under the air, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Dr. Philippa Kaye, a doctor based in London, said it’s not just the northwest – the number has already been as high as you would see in a normal winter.

She told the BBC: “We have actually seen an increase in the number of coughs and colds and viral infections.

“We are mixing in a way that we have not mixed in the last 18 months.

“During the first lockdowns, we saw many others [non-Covid] infections decrease. We believe that this was primarily due to the limitations of the meeting. “

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Drinks send a strange complaint after ‘traditional’ Manchester crawl in Manchester – and it makes people smoke

Briton’s Protection pub

If you are out drinking in Manchester city center on a Friday night, there may be a few things to moan about.

Maybe in line for the bar or the choice of music.

But a drinker took to social media to make a bizarre complaint after a ‘traditional’ Manchester pub crawl.

And it has left people smoking.

“Have been to three ‘traditional’ pubs in Manchester today, and on two occasions the bartender has had painted nails,” the drinker wrote.

“Not what I expected.”

It is understood that the man had referred to drinking establishments, Britons Protection and Peveril of the Peak on Great Bridgewater Street.

The post was not well received as many social media users questioned the drinker as to why it was important.

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Sunbathers at Spinningfields and a Hell’s Angels wedding – 57 brilliant images from 1970s Manchester

Female sunbathers enjoy the sun in Spinningfields, Manchester, as high temperatures hit the city.  An office worker walls past in the other direction.  August 4, 1975
Female sunbathers enjoy the sun in Spinningfields, Manchester, as high temperatures hit the city. An office worker walls past in the other direction. August 4, 1975

Brilliant images were discovered from our archive capturing 1970s Manchester at work, school and play.

From famous concerts to everyday life on the street, these are the images that capture a decade.

Shoppers on Market Street, Margaret Thatcher in Middleton Arndale, Carnival ’73 style and even a Hell’s Angels wedding – these photos are a real trip back in time.

See the full photo gallery here.

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