Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Canberra is ready to star on the big screen thanks to Hollywood magic, as the city center hosts an exciting car chase scene.

Written and directed by Mark Williams, co – creator of Ozark and manufacturer of The Accountant, Liam Neeson plays an FBI fixer outside the books Black light.

Neeson himself will not step into the streets of Canberra, as head photography has already taken place in Melbourne, but another unit car chase, the “money making” scene, is taking place in the main streets of Canberra city.

Head of Screen Canberra Monica Penders said Canberra has several world-class benefits when it comes to movies, including the wide roads and the natural, polluted light.

“We’re one of the only places in the world where you can get the race you need to get your cars moving fast enough in a short area in the middle of a CBD,” she said.

“From a cinematic point of view … the light is beautiful. It’s bright, diffused light, so we have the natural advantage … We’re really building a reputation as an optional place, which’s great. ”

Backlight Canberra Hollywood car chase movie
The filming takes place from Thursday the 14th to Friday the 22nd of January and requires the closure of roads and paths as well as some closures for bus stops.

The filming will take place from Thursday the 14th to Friday the 22nd of January and will require the closure of roads and paths as well as some closures from bus stops, but there is still access for residents and local businesses.

“The footage is over four days, so they do different things like tossing the trash, turning things around, and it gets exciting,” Penders said.

The public will not be able to see the car chasing for safety reasons, but they will be able to travel through the area while the scenes are reset.

According to Mrs. Penders Black light is a $ 54 million production expected to boost Canberra’s local economy with spending over $ 1 million on accommodation, local jobs and catering for the four – day Hollywood car chase shooting.

“If you extrapolate it to a few weeks, you’re talking about millions of dollars going back to our economy at a time when we really need it,” she said.

Mrs Penders added that the number of jobs involved in Black light grows every day as specialized crews join the set, including stunt drivers for the American cars.

ACT is no stranger to movie crews hosting TV shows like The code and Secret town, but Penders says it’s the first time the nation’s capital has hosted an international film. Although COVID-19 restrictions have made it daily to talk to the travel exemption team, Penders said Australia’s COVID-19 response has made it stand out in the film industry.

“That’s why we ended up shooting here in Canberra, because we are COVID-safe,” she said.

“I just hope this is the beginning of more major productions coming in … I want to see something that has Canberra on screen like Canberra in an international setting.”

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